Sudden Realisation

“We must plan better next time,” Layke said, voicing everyone’s thoughts. “We can’t have people getting lost, especially not with guards chasing us and bandits everywhere.”

“Which reminds me,” Ella said, “why aren’t there any guards chasing us? How odd is that? It’s almost as if there is an invisible barrier separating them from us.”

“Or someone fending them off,” Harry whispered, eyes growing wide.

“Don’t be silly,” Layke automatically said.

“The boy could have a point there,” Lucifer said, shrugging. “You never know. Anyway, I can’t think of any other explanation apart from that the guards have decided not to follow all the criminals who got out of the dungeon, which probably wouldn’t be happening.”

“Why not?” Layke asked. “They wouldn’t want a bunch of criminals back, surely? We aren’t even criminals, really. They just want to lock us up because they think we are a threat to the government.”

“Exactly why they want us back,” Lucifer said. “We are a threat to the government. They need to keep us under lock and key to make sure we don’t do anything drastic. Like start a revolution.”

The full implication of what he was doing was starting to dawn on Layke. He was going to start something. Something big. Something so big that it could topple entire kingdoms. He was going to start a revolution.  

Suddenly his heart started to pound. He was going to start a revolution with a team of eight people. There were guards on his tail and a whole government against him. He was considered dangerous. That meant they weren’t safe.

“We’ve got to move,” Layke said.

“Huh?” Harry said. His mind was obviously still on their previous conversation. He wasn’t the only one having trouble understanding the new shift in subject.

“What do you mean, move?” Lucifer asked. “Like, on the spot? Don’t worry; I’m warm enough.”

“No,” Layke said, replacing his dagger into his belt. “Any traces of us being here must be removed.”

They looked at him, confused, for a moment, before Ella caught on. “Ah, you mean, you want us to relocate.”

“Hang on,” Lucifer said. “We haven’t even planned this sudden move yet. Who knows, maybe the others are just around the corner, nearly upon us. If we move, then they’ll never find us. And isn’t this the new clearing that was our new rendezvous?”

Layke nodded. “I think it is, but we can’t be sure. And if the others are around the corner, then great. We’ll go to them instead of them coming to us.”

“And if they aren’t?” Lucifer asked.

“Then we’ll just have to look harder.”

“We won’t find them that way,” Ella said. “Why are you suddenly so worried, anyway?”

“We’re in danger,” Layke said. “We’re out here in the open like sitting ducks. What do you think the many people searching for us will do? Certainly not throw an impromptu party.”

“All the time that we spent travelling was a time spent in danger, too. What makes this so different?” Ella protested.

“Because I’ve realised something,” Layke said. “We’re dangerous, Ella. We’re on the run.”

The End

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