They waited for a bit, then a bit more. Harry started growing impatient after a while, and suggested that they go back on his plan more than once, but Layke always reassured him that the wait would only take a little bit longer.

Layke sat down after Harry’s third impatient; “Can’t we go back now?”. He shook his head at Harry.

“They might be just around the corner. It can’t hurt to wait a little bit more.”

“Yes it can!” Harry complained, but didn’t whine anymore. Suddenly, there was a rustling. Layke was instantly alert, jumping up and pulling his dagger from his belt. Harry went completely white and scuttled away from the rustling bush.

“Who is it?” Layke growled. He tried to sound as menacing as possible.

“Just a man hunting with a girl,” came the reply. The voice sounded familiar.

“Hunting, you say?” Layke advanced on the bush, and all of a sudden, Lucifer jumped out of it, followed by Ella. Layke got such a shock that he stumbled backwards, and Harry jumped and was already halfway out of the clearing.

“Harry boy! Come back, it’s only me and Ella!” Lucifer yelled at him. Harry stopped, and slowly turned around, face deathly-pale. Layke blinked, the shock slowly wearing off. Finally, he spoke.

“You scared me half to death!”

At that, Lucifer burst out laughing, patting him on the back. “Good on you, then, for not fully dying.”

Ella smiled. “That was pretty funny, seeing the expressions on your faces. Especially when you, Layke, was trying to be fierce. We saw right through it, didn’t we?”

“Yes,” Lucifer chuckled amiably. It seemed that Ella and Lucifer’s pairing seemed to have made them grow closer in friendship. Layke couldn’t help but smile.

“You guys seem so close now.”

Ella nodded. “Suppose we are.”

“Ella here has keen eyes, I tell you that!” Lucifer said. By that time Harry had skittered back over to them, and was now standing by Layke’s side.

“Aren’t you scared at all?” Harry asked, voice quivering.

“Scared?” Lucifer asked. “Why would I be scared? You should be more startled than I am, which you are.”

“But you’re lost! The rest of them could be anywhere, and you could have been wandering alone, without anything to eat, going to starve to death...” Harry could have gone further, but Lucifer stopped him with a hand.

“Do you really think The Great Lucifer could have gotten lost?” he said, which got some laughs. They accepted it as a joke but the real question lay beneath their mask of joviality, making everyone uneasy inside.

The End

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