The Anti-Revolutionists Speak Up

“We travel for two more days, then we split up. Is that good?” Lucifer said. They had all been summoned to a meeting to decide what to do next. Layke was sitting in front of the fire, feeling the warmth from it wrap around him comfortingly.

“Let’s just hope that we are healthy enough to split up in two days,” a man with sunken eyes and wafer-thin limbs said. Lucifer eyed him.

“You don’t seem very healthy yourself. What did they do to you in there?” Lucifer said, refering to the dungeon. Somehow everyone knew what he was talking about. They were all united from their previous experiences in the dungeon.

“They starved me,” the man said bluntly. “And you don’t want to know the rest.”

Lucifer bowed his head in reverence, as did everyone around him. “I understand and respect your words.”

“Thank-you,” the man said. Then Lucifer’s head came back up, and he was back in business-mode.

“We will be organising for the weaker of you to go with the stronger,” Lucifer said, nodding towards the man with the sunken eyes.

“I’m still not clear on what we are splitting up for. Are we looking for something?” a woman who hadn’t been at the earlier revolutionist meeting said.

Layke nodded. “We are looking for a person.”

“May I ask who is this person?” the woman said.

“Her name is Waiye,” Ella said.

“And may I also ask why we are looking for her?”

“She is the leader of our group,” Alexandria said.

“Not really the leader, just the person who organised us and brought us together,” Ella corrected.

“She is a revolutionist, then?” the woman asked. Ella nodded.

“Then why are you bringing the rest of us along? You are making us look for her when we do not support the revolution.”

There was a silence whilst everyone digested this piece of information.

“You’re right,” Lucifer finally said. “What do you propose to do?”

“Thank-you for your understanding,” the woman said, inclining her head to Lucifer. “I propose those of us who are anti-revolutionists travel with you until you split up to look for this girl you speak about. We will go one way, and you will go another. That way, we will still benefit you while we can, helping to prepare the food and hopefully hunting, if we find any weapons along the way.”

Lucifer slowly nodded. The woman seemed to have a valid point there. “Agreed on my part. Anyone want to contest my judgement?”

There was a silence as Lucifer looked around. He smiled. “Good.”

The End

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