New Recruits

“You do?” Layke asked, surprised. “Why?”

“Because of the exact same reasons that you do,” Lucifer said simply. “It was my master who got me into the jail cell after all, but she didn’t claim any responsibility for it and, being a woman, was believed instead of me.”

Layke shook his head wonderingly. “The things people have been through.”

“Yes,” Lucifer said. Then he changed the topic. “So where are the women that this ‘Waiye’ leads? I would like to meet them. Women who support the men, now that’s something.”

Layke smiled. “They’re right here.”

Lucifer looked around, trying to find them. “Where? Did they sneak up on us?”

“No,” Layke said, chuckling. “They were some of the prisoners that escaped with us.”

Lucifer’s eyes widened. “You mean they got put in the jail too?”

“Yes. Four of the seven women got caught. Waiye and three other women escaped,” Layke explained. Then, seeing the curious look in Lucifer’s eyes, he added; “I can call them over if you like.”

Lucifer nodded. “Yes, please.”

Layke went over to the cave and he found them there. He realised he didn’t know their names, so he just said; “Waiye’s women, come.”

His statement was met by inquisitive looks, and four women stood up and went over to him.

“Someone wants to meet you,” Layke said. They followed him out into the forest and over to Lucifer. Lucifer’s eyes widened upon seeing them.

They are the ones faithful to the Cause?” he exclaimed. Layke nodded, smiling at the surprised look on Lucifer’s face. “They don’t look like secret agents.”

“We aren’t, really,” the youngest girl said. “We just suppport the revolutionist ideas that Waiye presented to us.”

There was a silence as Lucifer stared at them and they stared at Lucifer. Layke decided he needed to say something.

“It looks like the time for introductions,” he said, breaking the silence. He pointed to the youngest girl who had spoken to him earlier. “Lucifer, this is...” he trailed off.

“Ella,” the girl said, smiling. And so the introductions continued. In the end, Layke learnt that the youngest was called Ella, the tall woman with brown hair was called Alexandria, the mid-height woman was called Sophria, and the slightly tubby one Priscilla.

“Nice to meet you all,” Lucifer said. They all smiled back at him, Ella giggling.

“How formal,” she said.

“So Waiye leads you?” Lucifer asked again.

“Yes,” Priscilla said, her head bobbing up and down in a nod. Lucifer smiled.

“Then I want to join the group.”

They all looked at him in astonishment, Layke especially.


“You could get killed,” Layke said, eyebrows creasing worriedly. “It’s dangerous.”

“I know that. I want to start a revolution; you think it’ll be risk-free and safe?” Lucifer laughed. “I almost started a rebellion myself, being locked up in the house all day.”

“I just don’t want to drag you into something that you haven’t been expecting,” Layke said, thinking back to his conversations with Percy. It was like that now, except this time it was Lucifer trying to convince Layke and not the other way around.

“Don’t worry, I’m expecting it,” Lucifer said.

“Do you think there’ll be any more people who want to join the group?” Sophria asked suddenly out of thin air. That got Layke thinking.

“Maybe. I’ll check.” He went inside the cave and stood up the front where everyone could see him. “Sorry for disturbing you,” he began, not really knowing what else to say. “I was just wondering … would anyone be interested in starting a rebellion against the women?”

Layke nearly slapped himself as soon as it came out of his mouth. It sounded like he was selling something. “Would anyone be interested in buying this?”

There was silence for a while. Then there was the sound of rustling as hands shot up. A smile crept onto Layke’s lips.

The End

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