Layke lay in bed that night, thinking of all his priorities.

1. Look after his mother and sister

2. Keep the house so that by the time they got back from their meetings it’d be warm and welcoming

3. ....

Layke sighed, knowing that his list would consist of helping his mother and sister through their already easy life. He had to do something about it. He couldn’t just sit there and do all the work that his mother and sister told him to do. It was so unfair, so unjust, that Layke truly felt like crying.

He shook his head sharply. Where did those thoughts come from, Layke? he scolded himself. You aren’t to think of those things. Think of the future. What can you do to make sure that everyone is equal?

“What can I do?” Layke mused out loud. “What can I do? There isn’t much...”

Then he realised that he was probably being a bit too loud. If his mother or sister heard about the things that were going through his mind... Layke sighed. He didn’t want to think about it.

He decided to make a new list of priorities. That was probably the first step in leading a rebellion against the women of the land. He sat up, so excited that he didn’t even cringe when the springs creaked.

“A rebellion,” he whispered to himself, tasting the word on his tongue as if awed by the very idea of one. “A rebellion.”

Could he really do that? Lead and organise a rebellion against the unjust women who ruled them? A smile crept up to his lips. Maybe.

“Priorities,” he said to himself, propping his knees up to rest against his chin. “1. Defy Mother and Sister, then help them with the cleaning. 2. Sneak out of the house to put the idea into peoples’ minds, then return in time to prepare dinner. 3...”

Layke shook his head frustratedly. No, that wouldn’t do. Somehow all his ideas lead back to one point: doing something to benefit his mother and sister. Then he realised that his ideas weren’t that bad. All he had to do was cut out the last parts about helping his mother and sister.

Layke stared out of the small slit of a window thoughtfully. If only he could rid all thoughts about doing work for his mother and sister...

By the end of the night he had a new set of priorities that brought a cheeky smile to his lips just thinking about their rebellious ideas.

The End

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