The Boy Who Wished He Were A Girl

In this world, people aren't feminist, but quite the opposite. A young farmer's boy, Layke, wishes things would change. But little does he know that it's his life which changes the most...

Layke was panting and wheezing hard. He hadn't thought weeding would be this hard.

"You alright over there, Layke?" his father called from across the vegetable patch. Layke nodded, not wanting to make his father worried.

"Just the normal *wheeze* little puffs, father," said Layke. "Don't worry about me, it's Mother you want to worry about. If this garden isn't clean by midnight... who knows what she might do to us."

His father nodded; so true. You see, the women ruled, in this world, and the men were doing the jobs of what women were in the past.

A silhouette appeared at the window. It was Layke's elder sister. It was said that she was the prettiest lady in the whole village, and for that reason she had many suitors lined up to get her hand in marriage.

The same would happen to Layke in a few year's time, though he doubted there would be many ladies wanting to take his hand in marriage. And they better accept Layke's low dowry price, too, otherwise there was no way his mother would marry him out.

Life was hard.

The End

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