The Boy Who Wanted Nothing

Ts ( Tee-ess) follows a primarily bland life with no aspirations or form of desire. On the other hand General is different breed all together, always acting on impulse and for the good of himself and others. The two boys lead two very different lives, however they seem to keep on bumping into each other to very interesting consequence.

Part One: First Lesson
Ts sighed and walked out the door on his way to school
Like he always did
He went down Everest drive
Like he always did
Upon seeing the three bulky shapes ahead of him, he slowed down
Like he always did
He approached the three shapes that blocked his way
Like he always did
A fist landed neatly into the side of his jaw making it produce a painful cracking noise, gasping in agony he spat warm blood across the pavement
Like he always did
General scowled looking down at this new scene, from atop a nearby house.
Today was the day General had decided to climb a building
Unafraid he leapt off the roof onto the dry front lawn, his ankle made a loud crack under his own weight
Today was the day General first broke his ankle and didn’t care
Holding his breath he ignored the shoots of fiery pain that went all the way up his leg, limping up to Ts quickly leaning all his body weight onto Ts’s shoulder
Today was the day General met Ts
“Yo!” Ts nearly leaped out of his skin in surprise at General’s sudden appearance. Correcting himself he resolved to continue staring darkly ahead
Like he always di-
“Do you always let them do that to you?” Ts didn’t answer
Like he always di-
“fine then be anti social “ he kept going silently, hating General for destroying the succession of his morning and at the same time thanking him, hoping he could stay there next to him so that he would have something to hate
He’d never wanted any thing like that before
“Wow your boring” Ts finally resolved to answer back
He’d defiantly never done that before
    “You know what!!?” Ts turned his head angrily to face General but he was gone
The next day Ts left the house for the first time since he could remember, two minutes late. Quickly rushing out the house panicked and rejoiced at the same time, what if the three had already gone? His heart sunk, if they didn’t beat him up today they would surely, beat him twice as hard tomorrow. That is how things work and how it would always work
To Ts’s sorrow and rejoice the three had not left their post, he had noticed them
Like he always did
They noticed him in turn
Like they always did
He slowed down the pace of his walk
…Like… he…always di-
Suddenly General appeared in front of him
“Why do you always take the same route?” Ts angrily attempted to walk past him
“You mean you want these three jerks to pound your butt?” he stopped
The three looked up at a sight they had never seen before
“Well?” he looked at the dry sand covered pavement, a part of him was ticking, … it was so loud he feared General could hear it too. Ts mumbled inaudibly forcing General to lean in slightly
    “Don’t want to break the-“ General busted out laughing
“What? that’s crazy, you do this every day cause its part of your routine?” Ts felt his cheeks blush with embarrassment; no one had ever questioned what he did, no one talked to him, nothing ever changed because it was not supposed to. General let out a sound of annoyance; thoughtfully he gave Ts a poke on his shoulder, making him flinch. The only human contact he’d ever received besides a morning hug from his mother, was a knuckle to the face
Seeing Ts’s reaction he continued to poke his shoulder, again and again Ts flinched as his small boundaries were torn down… General changed his pattern, switching hands with each poke.  Ts snapped
    “Hey would you cut that out!?”
General jumped back in surprise, smiling evilly he said
“Ah hah!” spinning round he walked up to the three shapes that had watched the whole scene from afar with vague interest
What happened next would stay imprinted in his memory forever and remain as it was destined to always be
General had run up to the closest of the three landing a fist into the side of his temple, making him… it groan with discomfort, stumbling dumbly into its fellow who quickly jumped on General and began sending rounds of punches to his head that limply turned left and right between each impact
With each punch Ts flinched, watching as the only thing that had ever made him feel different, slowly fade away. Each blow made his head twitch a little from side to side, made the taste of blood rest on his tongue… then he realized…. he wasn’t  looking at General… but at himself, he could feel the pain of years taking each hit and finally he wanted the pain to stop
Running forward he jumped and slammed into the second of the three, screaming, eyes streaming with tears… it stopped.

The End

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