This is about an unruly boy who gets into trouble with the teacher


One day the teacher said to Keith Train,
"Get changed you're going to play football.

"But, no fear.

"Do as you're told my lad, you're going to play football whether you like it or not said the teacher.

"Why don't you jump in the fire Teacher scum said Keith Train."

"Right, said the teacher, I am going to report you to the headmaster after the football game is over."

The unruly boy did get changed and when he attempted to play football he collided with Tony Cracker. The boy punched him.

"Hoy' stop that boy, and you, Keith Train, Play football properly.

"But I can't".

Oh, yes you can. The main trouble with you is that you're too lazy."

After the game was finished the teacher reported the boy to the head.

The head said:
"You're guilty of a number of crimes.

First you refuse to play football, that's number one, 
'And number two,you foul on the pitch by knocking a boy over. 

"I am absolutely disgusted with your behavour.
I don't know what's got into you lately."

The boy got the cane.

That was in 1964.

Soon after the boy stormed out and went berserk. The teacher Mr Clay who happened to be outside shouted, 
"to bed you go.

The teacher marched the boy up to his dormitory and hit him across the floor.
Keith bit him on the leg.

"I'm going to report you to the headmaster for  biting my leg."

The teacher did, and what a telling off he got for the head shouted:

"What's the meaning of this?

Do you know that it's a serious crime to bite a teacher, you could have put him in hospital. All because of that Mr Clay will have to be off for a week.
You're just a wild animal my boy."

The other boys were shocked when they heard that Mr Clay had his leg bitten by Keith Train so they took revenge, pounced on the boy and ripped his teeth out with pliers.

One of the the school prefects happened to  be walking along and shouted:
"I'll report you boys to the head for torture."

The headmaster was told  about the incident and said he was really shocked that a group of boys should revenge the biting of Mr Clay by pulling  a boy's teeth out."

The savage bullies who carried out the revenge attack were sent to the head and said:
' all because Mr Clay got bitten on the leg by Keith Train, you have no right to revenge it by pulling all of his teeth out."

The head got two prefects to guard the boy against the bullies who carried out the revenge attack.

Two of the boys who attacked Keith Train happened to be in the same dormitory.
The dormitory leader knew about this and had to protect the boy against the two savages.

In the end the headmaster moved the two boys, part of a four piece gang of boys out of Keith Train's dormitory and set up a special dormitory to take savage bullies like the ones who pulled a boy's teeth out - the first bad boys' dorm in the whole school.

Mr Clay came back after a week and was no less strict.
He would still stand no nonsense.

The End

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