"But.. But... why not?" I stammer, my lips aching to be back on his. 

"Because I'm not staying." He said shortly. 


"I'm not sticking around. I'm leaving. Tomorrow. This is the last time you're ever going to see me." 

"WHAT?! Why?" I exclaim, breaking free of his grip. He stepped back toward me, took my wrists in his hands, and kissed me. 

"Oh how I wish this wasn't the first and last time I'll be with you..." He sighed, brushing a few stray hairs off my face. 

"Why does it have to be?" I sob, unwanted tears streaking uncontrollably down my cheeks. 

"I can't tell you. But I can tell you that you won't ever see me again. Forget me. I am nothing. And if the police come, you didn't see me today." He says slowly. Then he kisses me again, and murmurs: "I love you.." Before pulling me close one last time, and finally, running away, as fast as he could, before I could stop him. 

"I love you too!" I call after him, and he raises a hand in acknowledgement. "We will meet again." I say quietly to myself. Despite what he thinks, I am determined to see him again. Whatever his plan, I will find him. 

That, I swear to myself. To him. To our growing love. 

The End

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