My phone buzzes in my bag. Its Marnie. 

K-K. Last seen racin from skool wiv that head-case boy u luv. U must be havin the time of ur life. Where da fuck r u? 

M x 

I reply, smiling slightly. 

In MaccyD's. Went home n got clothes. Lync alrdy had sum. Hes hot, so shuup. 

Kk xx 

And so I was. I was sitting at a booth in the town Mcdonald's, wearing my black leggings, white, clingy vest top, my blue hollister hoodie and my black converse. He has rustled up a pair of jeans, t-shirt and a hoodie from what I assumed was his p.e bag. No-one has given us a second look, we look like we belong. Lync bought me some chips and a drink, but I said I wasn't hungry enough for a burger. He got himself a chicken-mayo burger, chips and a strawberry milkshake. Over the food, we chat companionably, until:

"So.. Where did you get that scrape on your cheek?" The minute it is out of my mouth, I know it is a mistake. He has tensed, and he slowly finishes his last chip before saying:

"Don't worry. I should go." He gets up and is walking away before I realise what is happening. 

"No!" I jump to my feet, grabbing my bag, following him out of the door. We are in the multi-storey shopping centre in the middle of town, and the few people who are milling around stare at me as I run after him. "No, Lync, don't go!" He walks faster, leaving the centre, crossing the road into the park. "LYNC!" 

He begins to run, and I follow, panting, with a horrid stitch, until he stops in front of a calm pond. And that's when I stop thinking. 

I run to him, throwing my arms around him. I see a tear slide down his cheek, and I kiss it away gently. He looks down at me in surprise. Then, his arms find themselves a place around my waist, and he leans down and-

His mouth grazes mine ever so gently. His lips are soft against mine, but horribly dry. My tongue flicks out, wetting them for him. I stretch up onto my tip-toes, not wanting to strain his neck. The kiss intensifies, my lips moulding against his, eager and submissive. After a few minutes, he breaks away. 

"I can't." 

The End

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