"Oh-em-gee, K-k, you aren't looking at that rebel boy again are you?" Marnie sighed. I did my best to ignore her, staring at Lync instead, wondering why he had such a trapped look in his eye. Then I noticed why. The headmaster was walking around the room, asking people if they had seen Lync. I watched as Lync slowly slid under the table. "KATIE!" I jolted back to my own life. 

"Whut?" I snap, tearing my gaze from the headmaster, who was heading for the table where Lync had hidden himself. He was going to see him. I couldn't let that happen. With out thinking, I plucked my bowl of pasta from the table in front of me, and yelled: "FOOD FIGHT!" Chucking the bowl at the Head. Instantly, the cafeteria erupted into chaos, food flying everywhere. I saw Lync slip out of the door amongst the kerfuffle. I followed, not wanting a detention. With an irritated cry from Marnie, I was gone, running through the corridors, my bag banging against my hip. 


He was bent over, catching his breath, down the first floor of the science block. 

"You!" He said, looking up. I jumped, not ready for his voice.

"Not so loud!" I hiss, hurrying to stand next to him. 

"Why'd you help me?" He asked, obviously bemused. "I don't even know your name. Have we met?" 

"Um, no, I'm Katie Jennings. I've seen you.." The last bit slips out before I can stop myself. 

"What? Lync Brown, by the way." He tilts his head slightly to one side, confused. 

"I know." I say, without thinking. 

"You know?" He is even more confused now, and his expression only gets hotter. 

"Yeah, I mean, well, you are totally hot.." I blush profusely. Why am I so nervous? I can't stop blurting out embarrassing truths! 

"You aren't so bad yourself." He says, grinning now. "Oh shit. We have to get going." Without telling me what we are running from he grabs my hand and starts running, pulling me through the corridors. For a moment, I am lost in the feeling of my hand in his, then I come around, and am left wondering where he is taking me. 

"Where are we going?" I pant, just a little out of  breath. 

"Away." He says simply, as we round yet another corner. The main doors are in front of us. "Lets go!" We race through the doors, down the drive, out of the gates and are down the road before any teachers can stop us. We keep running until we are a good few streets away. "Whew." He lets out a long sigh. "That was a close one." 

"Sure was.." I murmur, realising that I have just bunked off school for the first time in my life. What will mum say? That one thought is enough. I'm fed up of caring what my parents think, caring about attendance records and grades. "We did it!" I yell, throwing my arms up. For one awkward moment, we look at each other, realising our hands are still linked. Then I let go, and the moment passes. 

"We're free!" He yells. 

The End

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