A New BeginningMature


Blinding light. 

I hear something. 


My eyes adjust, and I find myself in a large room, full of light. Other people are there as well, and they are dressed in white. I look down at myself and see that I am also wearing white. 

"Welcome. We are so pleased that you have finally joined us," I hear someone say to my side.
"Where am I?"
"You are home now. You were lost, but you found your way home, though you did have some help."
"Home? This is where I live? I'm not going to have to leave again will I?"

The man turns to me. 
"Yes, it is. You have not been gone long, but long enough. And no, you will not need to leave again unless you should so choose to."

I look around me, and I really see the people. They are all smiling at me, and I can feel the joy they have for my return. As I look beyond towards the back of the room , I see people lined along the walls, beaming at me. I don't know them, yet I feel as though they know me. 

I begin to feel something in my chest. It starts as a tiny seed of warmth, and begins to spread throughout my entire body. I begin to feel something else, something more important than even the joy of being somewhere I belong. 
As I stand there I feel not only my heart beat again, but I also feel my spirit begin to grow, and become stronger and stronger, to the consuming of all natural tendencies. 

I begin to feel love.

And I then realize, love is life, and without it we are truly dead. Just as I once died, my love being ripped out from inside of me. But now I have come home, and I can feel the loving embrace of my Father and his Son, my Savior. I look into their eyes, and I know with absolute assurance that they never abandoned me, but that they were always there, guiding me and leading me, that one day I could return home. 

I love my God, and I will always stand with Him. For how could I abandon one who stood with me during my darkest of days, who always loved me, even when I felt He ought to hate me. The mercy of God is great, and His love is good. 

The End

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