A Taste of FlamesMature

I stare at the doors, trying to decide which to choose. I walk forward, drawn closer by some unknown force as I think. I place a hand on the symbol of each door, and realize what is on the opposite sides. Beyond the heart lies a way back to who I once was. A boy who hides behind his masks and tries to make others happy, a life full of pain and betrayal by those who become trusted. 

but beyond the fire is something different... something amazing. A way to live and not be hurt by those other people in the world. A way to forget  them all and never have to worry about being forgotten, for you can't be forgotten if no one is allowed to know you. I stare at the door with the fire and feel my mind become sharper, the walls that have always kept me from giving in to the fire becoming weaker. I feel the strength seeping into my body, my thoughts and imaginings becoming sharper and more vibrant. I close my eyes and allow my mind to wander...

They stand in front of me again. The girl in white and the girl in black. But beside them is another girl, wearing grey. I stare into each of their eyes, trying to see what they feel. They all stare back at me, and as I make contact with my eyes another figure appears behind the shoulders of the girls in black and white. A boy stands behind each of them, holding their hands.I look into the eyes of the girl in grey, and feel a pain enter my chest. A boy doesn't appear. Instead, a crowd surrounds her, all of her friends and family, and as I watch her eyes she moves back away from me, becoming one with the crowd. 

The anger and fire blazes suddenly in my chest. Why should I let them do this to me? Why should I subject myself to this torture? I can find other sources for pain if that is what I hunger for. They don't understand me, they don't understand what it is like to be alone in this world and fight to survive. They have friends, people to help them and talk to when they need help. They can't understand the pain of believing you have a friend and then having it ripped away from you.

I look down at my feet and see a gun. I bend down to grab it and when I stand again the girls stand side by side, alone now. I feel the fire raging stronger and brighter in my chest. They don't deserve to be here in my mind. I raise the gun, and pull the trigger.

The End

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