Seed the SplitMature

I smile at the ease with which I gathered the information I needed. It has always been a simple task, but no one had ever realized just how easy it was for me. They all thought I couldn't see the information they tried to hide from me. their lack of understanding was laughable. I walk to behind the couch and bend down so that I could whisper in the girls ear. I could smell the shampoo she used, and the perfume she wore. What I smelled reminded me of...


I straighten quickly, having said nothing to the girl. I turn to look at the boy, and bend down to whisper sharply in his ear. I hiss the doubts that I know he has, I bring to light the fears he didn't even realize he had. I made him think about what could happen with them, how things could end, and how she could betray him. I plant the seeds of doubt, and paranoia. 

After I know that I have said enough, I look over at the girl one more time, and really look at her face. I don't usually pay attention to anyone, not what they look like really. I hardly ever look at faces too, only to make eye contact. But what I saw when I looked at her... My rage flared, my fury barely contained. She looked so much like the other one, the one that I tried so hard to forget. I placed my mouth close to her ear, and told her a few things.

You don't really want him. You only like that he treats you nice. You think you care about him, but you know you will stab him in the back if someone else you want comes along. you abuse the knowledge that he loves you, and you fool him into believing you love him too. But what about your "other" man? The one that you have wanted for so long. The one that doesn't love you. The one that left you, the one that left you behind like yesterdays trash. You aren't good enough for this boy, you're just going to tear out his heart and leave him, just like all those other boys..... Have fun when you release his demons.

I straighten again, and stand there behind them. I could see the thoughts that I brought to the surface floating around in her mind, and I could see that things would go bad soon, and that she would make him become something like me.
She was just like the other one. They both tried to convince themselves to care, to love. But a lie is a lie, no matter what its dress. I walk slowly backwards, never taking my eyes off of the couple, and suddenly find myself back in the hallway. 

I could feel my anger growing again, I could feel it growing greater and hotter at... Gone. There was nothing there, no thoughts and no emotion. I was angry at something, but then.. It was gone. Whatever "it" was. I look down the corridor and see two doors. One is the purest of blue, and had the picture of a fire in it. The other, a deep, deep red, had a heart. The heart had a silver blade stabbed into it, and seemed to drip blood while I watched it. Now to decide... The fire, or the heart?

The End

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