The Third DoorMature

I looked down the hall and saw that there was only one door, on the other side next to where the first one had been. Walking forwards, I reached the door and went inside.

There was a boy and a girl, and they were sitting on a couch and holding hands. The girl had her head laying on his chest, and he had his arm wrapped around her. They were watching a movie, and enjoying each others company.

I felt sick. Watching two people being close, being happy, made me want to kill. It made me want to hurt them, to show them that it doesn't last, and that the only way to survive is to embrace the pain. I walked over to them, but they ignored me, as if they couldn't see me. Smiling to myself I walked in front of them, just to see if they could see me or not. They couldn't. My smile grew wider as I thought of what I could do to hurt them. 

But before I could do anything, I needed to study. I needed to see what i could use to separate them, to make them hurt like I once did. As I watched, I could see that she felt safe in his arms, and that he was protective of her, to the point that he would take a bullet for her with no second thoughts. i could see that she didn't know exactly how she felt, and that she loved being with him because he was a good guy. But that seemed to be the only reason, the fact that he was a good guy. This would be almost too easy. 

The End

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