My world went black, and I seemed to fall asleep. I was floating in the dark, and after a moment, I saw a speck of light, and it grew larger the longer i watched it. It grew and grew, filling my vision, and suddenly, i was awake.
I was standing in a strange room, and there was a girl wearing white standing over me, asking if i was okay.
Blinking, I looked up at her and simply said,"Hello."

She stared at me with an odd look on her face and replied back,"Hi. You fell.. I just wanted to know if you were okay.."
As I stood back up,  I saw that she offered her hand, but ignored it. "Do I know you? You seem rather familiar."
The girl stared at me, unbelief in her eyes."What? Don't play dumb, talk to me. What is up?"

 "Up? There is nothing up. I fell, and you are standing here in front of me. I just asked if I knew you."

"Yes you know me! I'm *****! Talk to me about what is wrong!"

"What are you talking about?"

Throwing her hands in the air, she then put her hands on her hips and stared at me. "You! I'm talking about you! You had this look in your eyes like you were really mad, and now your acting like you don't remember. Knock it off!"

Looking at her, I could tell she was getting frustrated. I did not like the way she sounded either. She was a pretty girl, but thats not the only important thing to me. as I watched her in my silence, I decided that I should go. "I'm sorry but you have me mixed up with someone else. I'm going to leave now. Goodbye." Turning, I walked to the door and ignored her as she yelled at me to stop walking away from her. As my hand touched the knob, Everything became warped as I was sucked through it to the outside. 

As I found myself in the hallway, my memories of what happened in the room came back to me. i turned to face the door again, just to look at it, but found that it was gone. turning again i looked to where the first door had been, and found that it was gone as well.

The End

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