The Room of Broken MindsMature

As I return to the hall, I hear the door slam shut behind me. I stare at the door across from me, and watch as it seems to move and shift at the edges. I walk forward and stand in front of it, the door as twisted as my mind has become. I close my eyes and start walking through the door. As I go through, I feel a strange pressure in my head, like a yawn that grows and grows, but in my mind instead of my ears. As I pass through the door, I open my eyes and look around the strange room. 

The girls are standing in the middle of the room. The one wearing a white shirt and dark skinny jeans, and the other wearing a dark dress. They stand side by side and watch me. I feel trapped, trapped by my feelings for them. I love the one I shouldn't, and don't love the one I should, but I can't be with either of them. The one doesn't understand me, and the other I won't see again. I stop after a few steps, and stare back at them trying to figure out what is going on. After a moment, The one wearing the white comes forward and stands in front of me. The one I love. She stands in front of me and we stare into each others eyes, saying nothing.

I don't know what to do or say, I never do. Not with her. I don't know what it is that she is comfortable with, I don't know how she would react to the things I wish to say. She twists my thoughts and plays with my mind, confusing me with the way she acts. She holds my hand and acts as though she wants to be with me. But then she forgets me. She doesn't talk to me about her inner thoughts, she doesn't talk about anything. She talks about more with her other friends than she ever has with me. But I told her so much. I told her more about me than anyone has ever been told, and yet she still didn't trust me. I never hurt her, not on purpose. Every time I did was a result of me feeling forgotten and betrayed. But she never realized the kind of attention I needed. she didn't realize how little positive attention I had gotten through out my life. 

But the Anger. My walls that stopped my Anger from become dangerous, attacked endlessly by her. She was relentless in her attack, never trying to understand why I would try to pull away from her. She didn't understand how the pain she caused was affecting me. She didn't open her eyes. But the other one did. I walk past her, and stand in front of the girl in black. The one I should have chosen. The one that had never hurt me. She would listen to me, she would talk to me and help me calm down when I was angry because of the other. She didn't make me angry either. she cares, I don't know how much, but she cares enough to not ignore me.

They disappeared. I look around the room, and see that they were gone, and that the room was now an actual room. There was a feeling in the air, something... powerful. Something that was extreme, and dangerous to the world. And the longer I stand looking around, the angrier I become. The stronger my rage grows, and the weaker my defenses become. I start to lose control of my mind, the fury and darkness inside of me begin to take over, but I hold on, I hold on with all my strength. But then I hear a voice. 
"come back to me. I'm sorry. Please... I need you."
It was the girl in white.
I stand, never having realized that I had fallen. I turn to face her, and when I see her face... The walls shatter. My body shudders, and my eyes fill with a blackness deeper than a hole in space. The voice in my head goes silent and I lose all control of myself. The darkness becomes real, and I can only sit back in a secluded corner of my mind, shocked by the viciousness of my anger and rage. I watch from behind my eyes as my body walks towards her, and I can see what it plans to do, to make her suffer as I have because of what she did. I try to struggle to take control, but it is useless. I can't stop myself. I have lost the battle to keep them all safe. And its all her fault, it's all her fault that this evil has been unleashed on the world. 

The End

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