House of Suppressed MemoriesMature

I walk through the night, a creature of the dark. I search for a place to stay, a place where I may rest in peace. A place where I can think. I walk through the complex of abandoned homes, searching for one that no one is hiding in. I see the eyes of people looking out through the windows, hiding from the man walking in the street, the man with fire in his eyes. I smile to myself and laugh out loud, startling a cat near by. As I look around I see a building that is empty. As I walk to the door, I suddenly feel sick. On the door is a name. Her name. My fists clench and my body goes rigid, but I continue on, not allowing even her name to have any power over my actions any longer.

The memories return to me as I walked through the door, the memories I tried to leave behind when I died. I stare at the name carved into the door, and remember. I remember her smell, and her voice. I remember the way she walked, the way she talked. The way her hand felt in mine, and the comfort of her hugs. I remember... But I slam a wall down in my mind. I will not remember. I will not give in, I will suffer this controllable pain. I will NOT allow her to cause me pain against my will. This is my choice. The burning words blaze in my eyes, the words I promised myself before I cut out my heart. 

Placing my hand on the handle, I open the door and walk in, ignoring the name in the door. Closing the door behind me, I walk through the entrance way and make my way upstairs, hoping to find a bedroom where I can rest for the night. The stairs creak as I make my way upstairs, like the screaming of a long dead ghost trapped forever in the house, doomed to haunt until the end of the world. The banister was old and worn smooth with age and use. Arriving at the top I see a long hallway, with doors on each side, and one at the far end. Walking to the first door, I move to grasp the silver handle. Before my hand makes contact however, the door handle turns and the door swings open..

The End

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