Devil SuferingMature

He screams from the pain of the peroxide, and as he screams I grab the whip again.

Slashing through the air like lightning, the whip tails cutting into the mans flesh. The shards and blades sink into his flesh with no tape to deflect or prevent the blades sinking into his body. With a smile still on my face, I yank on the weapon, draging the whip through his body, gouging his flesh. The blood wells from deep inside of him, pooling and then dripping down his body, splashing as it hits the cold stone floor. As the pain becomes unbearable, the man blacks out, going limp in his chains. I watch as the blood continues to drain from his body, collecting on the ground.

 I turn around and grab the second bucket, the one filled with  gasoline. walking back to the body the Devil commands, I remove the lid from the heavy container, and start to pour it over the body. Setting it down, I replace the cap and pull a zippo from my pocket. flipping the top, I stare into the flame, watching as the gasoline drips and mixes with the blood. I look one last time at his body, before I drop the flame.

The body ignites in a flash, the flames crawling over his skin, and the screams pierce my ears as I laugh. He writhes and screams as he burns in his chains, and I breath deeply at the smell of his burning flesh. I close my eyes and relish in his screams of pain and anguish. I Breath deeply of the heavy fumes rising from his body before I decide to turn and walk back to the now dried pool of my blood.

I stand there and grabbing the knife up from where it had fallen, I turn it on my own arm. I pres the blade hard, letting it slice through the veins and muscles of my arm. I watch as my flesh splits, and I watch its interesting color and tears. And of course, there is no more blood for it is all beneath my feet. I stare at the  slice in my arm in silence, the burning man forgotten. Dropping the knife, i look out to the moon once more and turn away to face the door.  I leave the building and  stand as I wait for his screams to die. as the sounds fade and the air grows still, I smile, throw my bag over my shoulder, and walk away. 

The End

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