Goodnight DevilMature

 I reach towards his bare chest with my knife and he tries to breath shallow so that the tip doesnt pierce his skin. I smile and start to draw with my blade, carving into his skin. his screams echo and reverberate through out the building, but no one can hear. I carve into his flesh the words I once promised myself. once I have finished, I look at my work and chuckle. the irony of them make me laugh every time. I stand and pull a small bottle of vinegar from my bag and slowly pour it onto the cuts. I laugh as he screams for the pain to end. as the bottle empties, I replace it in the bag and withdraw out a roll of duct tape. As much as I relish the screams, I wrap the tape around his head, covering his entire head but allowing him to breath through his nose. I take the tape and then wrap it around his chest and then his arms.

I carry him closer to the wall where chains are buried into it, and i hook him up to them. As I finish, I take a small bundle of slender blades and a mallet from my bag. I take a blade from the bunch and line it up on a precise point on his leg and slowly push it in. His leg tenses, so I smile and take the mallet and slowly beat the blade in. I repeat the process until three blades are in each leg and one in each arm, each one along side the bones and avoiding the main arteries and veins.

Being done with the blades, I return to the bag and take out the whip. It is a very special whip for a few reasons. The whip has nine tails and in each tail are imbedded different objects. Diamond chunks and razors are the main and most numerous. Uncoiling the weapon, I stand infront of the bleeding body and raise the whip. Slashing downwards the tails all rip at his chest, tearing the tape and his flesh. I pull back on the whip in such a way that it rips at his flesh. 

I bend down and slit the tape at his mouth so that he may breath and not faint. smiling, I stand and whip again. And again. And again. After twenty slashes, I kneel down to the man and ask him if he would like me to stop. I catch his croaking whispered reply. "Please.. Please stop... I can give you great power.. Just stop and it is yours..". I smile. Reaching forwards, I grip the tape on his chest and peel it off. I peel all of the tape from him, laughing all the while as he screams. I take a container of river slime and slather it all over his body so that the cuts may become infected. I laugh as I feel the slime mixing with his blood on my hands. I examine his cuts and slide slime into them with my finger, pushing it in deeper. Afterwards, I leave to go grab a bite to eat so that the bacteria has time to infect his body.

When I return, I look at the Devil as he stares up at me. I walk towards him with a five gallon bucket in each hand, and set them own beside him. I kneel down and start to wipe away the slime, and peeling off the stuff that had dried.  As the last slime is removed, I take one of the buckets and dump some f it out onto him to wash away the remaining film that covered his body.  I then take a large bottle of peroxide and pour it all over his body, watching as the chemical fizzes as it eats at the filth inside his wounds.

The End

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