Torture the DevilMature

I stand in my blood, laughing, and look down at my chest. There is a hole, more a slit really, going through my chest into my heart. Thick congealed blood plugs the space. Crouching down I dip my fingers in my blood and trace circles around my heart. If only she had loved my the way I needed. If only I wasn't so "charming" and kind and understanding. I wouldn't have had to die. 

Standing, I stay in the pool and lower my head, thinking about those girls. Thinking about these thoughts and feelings I once had. Those confused feelings, those poor beasts who started fighting each other and try to take over the ruling emotion. The ruling dragon. 

The door opened behind me, and I heard someone walk in and close the heavy metal door. Turning, I half expected to see her again. But who I saw was not who I had expected, but turned out to be even better. The Devil stood before me, not knowing I knew it to be him. He looked around the room, observing the window with my hand prints, the footprints everywhere, the pool of blood, and the dried and caked blood in my hair and on my body. As he finished his scan of the room, we locked eyes. 

Fire. Fire burning in my core, anger and cold fury building up against this epitome of evil, this creature of hate and darkness. This being of filth had destroyed my soul and is reason I died. As I stared into his empty black eyes, I see something starting to form deep inside. Fear. Breaking the eye contact, I bend down and retrieve the knife that killed me, now covered in my dripping blood. Without any hesitation I fly at the Devil, forcing the blood covered blade up to his neck. 

"I'm not going to kill you. Not like this. I will make you suffer for the pain you caused me, for all that I lost because of your filth." I whisper into his ear. Laughing, I smash the side of his head and he falls to the ground.

The End

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