The Boy Who Cries, Part 3

JJ's phone vibrated. 

With a sigh, JJ muttered, "Will people ever stop texting me?" and opened her phone. Stasi peered over her shoulder and read the text, too.

It read, Hi JJ, your invited to my bday party this saturday, its at 5 at my house.

"Stupid boy can't even write correctly," Stasi exclaimed. "And seriously - why on earth would he invite you?"

"I've never made fun of him," JJ responded, and she nervously twirled a tendril of red hair around her finger.

Stasi snorted. "You should. He's an idiot - everyone knows it." 

Biting her lip, JJ nodded, but she still felt cruel. In order to lighten the blow, she texted back, instead of just ignoring Austen. "sorry, but i have plans. hope you have fun."

Saturday came and went, and when JJ sacrificed a bit of pride and texted Austen, asking him how the party went, she was saddened at his response.

"Nobody came to the party, but thanks."

JJ considered putting a little "Happy Birthday" note on Austen's locker, then discarded the thought.

Because, you know...nobody wants to be friends with the boy who cries.

The End

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