The Boy Who Cries

Morbid, but potentially true. Stick it out til the end of the story - it won't disappoint.
So, enjoy.

JJ's fingers danced over the keyboard as she responded to Stasi's message on Facebook. With a smile, she sent her response and waited. 

And then, the very thing she'd always tried to avoid happened.

Austen sent her a chat message.

Without a second thought, JJ quickly typed "sorry got to go" in response to Austen's message before logging out.

Phew. As long as she lived, JJ would never, ever associate with Austen. He was, in every sense of the world, a loser. A social outcast. And a crybaby, too. Whenever he got teased, tears would well up in those big blue eyes, and more often than not, the tears would fall. Austen was the subject of countless pranks for two reasons: 1) It was quite amusing to see him cry, and 2) He never backfired, so those who made fun of him were safe.

Still, though, JJ felt a bit sorry, since she'd been dumped last week by a boyfriend because of a skinnier, more popular chick. 

Tears came into JJ's eyes, and she quickly blinked them back. No sense crying.

With hardly a second thought, she shut the lid of her laptop and shoved away any thoughts of pity toward Austen.

Nobody wants to talk to the boy who cries.

The End

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