The Boy Who Asked No Questions

Dunno yet.

My least favorite time of year is Summer. I know, you're probably thinking: what a dweeb! or something, but think about it: are there any holidays in summer that you get candy on? Nope. Fall has Halloween (and Thanksgiving, which kind of counts), Winter has Christmas, Quanza, Haunaka, and like a billion others, and Spring has Easter and Valentine's day. Summer days are hot, and lots of times muggy. Every insect on the face of the earth seems to be lurking behind you, waiting to dig in to your flesh, and... your neighbors actualy talk to you. For some strange reason, whenever summer rolls around, I'm constantly being stopped as I walk out the door by a "Howdy, Todd! Nice weather today, huh?" or something. It's loathsome beyond measure.

Anyway, for all of my 10 years living in this house, we have had the same exact neighbors- Mr. and Mrs. Denderson, who have about six bulldogs that never sleep, the Zohos, who consisted of a widower father and his good- for- nothing middle aged daughter, and Mrs. Carter, who seems nice but is so hyper that it's hard to tell. have you ever seen someone old enough to be your Grandma bounce up and down for ten muinetes straight? It's weird as heck. Anyway, Mrs. Carter lives across from us, the Zohos live on our right, and the Dendersons live- sorry, used to live- on our left. That's right. Today my mom told me that I would have new neighbors in 2-3 weeks.

I suppose Summer would be a whole lot more fun if I had someone to play with... PS: See ya in hell, stupid bulldogs!

The End

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