The boy, the package and the agreement

When Jeremy felt the tingle against his neck, he knew that it was time to go. He didn't want to leave; not now, not ever. But, the choice wasn't his anymore.

“Do we have a deal?” Julian asked, extending his hand, the skull ring on his finger’s beady eyes watching Jeremy with a malicious glint in its eyes.

“Just let her go, and I will,” Jeremy whispered, swallowing hard and glancing at Rosa. She glared back, shaking her head madly and attempting to pass a secret message to him through her eyes, her screams muffled against the gag. Jeremy knit his eyebrows together in determination, turning back to face the Devil with a firm frown across his lips.

“Done!” Julian barked, clasping Jeremy’s hand with an evil laugh, a red mist pooling around their feet and rising up and into Jeremy’s nostrils, up his system.

“Aah!” Jeremy yelped, collapsing to the ground, writhing in agony.

“A deal’s a deal, kid,” the Devil laughed with a snap of his fingers. Instantaneously, the bonds fell off of Rosa and the gag untied. She disappeared for a moment, only to reappear in Julian’s arms, and then the two of them disappeared, leaving Jeremy on the ground. “Pleasure doing business with you,” Julian’s voice said out of thin air, and all that Jeremy wanted was for the pain to stop, to black out, to die.

The End

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