Chapter Twenty-NineMature


That night Alex found himself staring at the ceiling, afraid to close his eyes. Every time he tried to go to sleep the day would re-play over and over again, all the happy moments blocked until all that was left were the bad ones. The broken body through the smoke and fire… his guilt for hoping that the man was dead, so he could finally live in peace and not in contestant fear. He was relieved when he found out that he hadn’t killed anyone, but was constantly tortured by the fact that the person was in a coma, senseless and broken beyond repair.

A small part of Alex’s mind remembered the days after his sister passed, when he would wake up crying and he would hold him until he went back to sleep, rocking and singing until he calmed down. The times before Siena killed herself when Antonio took him skiing, teaching him to make jumps. In that part of his mind, livid the person he once knew, the one he held onto for years, the one he hoped would come back and the reason he put with his abuse for years, because somewhere Alex held onto the vain desire of his dad going back to his old personality and see what he was doing, but of course that didn’t happen and Alex knew that it wasn’t going to happen no matter how much he hoped.

His door creaked open a little bit, causing Alex to try and see who was standing in the creak.

“I didn’t mean to wake you.” A soft feminie voice whispered, and he knew that it was Tia “I was wanted to check on you to make sure you were okay.”

“It’s okay, I wasn’t asleep.” Alex admitted “Do you want to sit and talk with me for a bit?”

“Sure.” Tia said, opening the door and joining Alex on his bed “Do you ever sleep under the blankets?”

The blanket that Tia was pointing was exiled to the floor leaving only the sheets on the bed. The desk was lit up and an art book lied in the middle, a piece of white paper covering it with writing, but Tia couldn’t make out what it said from where she was sitting.

“Sometimes.” Alex said with a light shrug “But I felt like I was suffocating, so I threw it on the ground.”

“You’re so strange.” Tia giggled “but I love you anyway. So… someday wasn’t it?”

“Thanks Tia… I love you too. Yeah it was some day, sorry for wreaking Christmas. But can we please… please talk something else, anything else for a bit?”

“Sure… how about that day of yours?”

“Luna? What about her?”

“She chewed on of slippers and hid the other one.”

“Oh… that.” Alex laughed leaning against the wall “Right… that I told her to do.”

“You did what?” Tia asked, her scrunched up in frustration, nose wrinkling at what Alex said

“Love… you’re seventeen years old; wit bunny slippers it just had to be done.” Alex smirked, no; he didn’t tell Luna to do that to Tia’s slippers but if anyone found out that she had bunny slippers, she would be bullied about it, sad, but true.

A good nature argument broke out after that, the back and forth one founds in old married couples, light and joking. Eventually Alex did fall asleep, exhausted by the day’s events. Tia, who was staring off into space, noticed that it was quite, turned her head and spotted Alex leaning against the wall asleep, he was far too cute for his own good; most of the time. With a small smile and a shake of her head, Tia got up and moved his small form off of the wall and onto his bed. So he didn’t have a sore neck and back when he woke up, covering him with a sheet, she went to turn off the lamp, but froze when she saw the art book. The cover was sample drawn, it was in dark colours; flower petals covered the front and the title was what caught Tia’s attention it read:

‘Scarlet’s Poems’ in gold artistic hand writing, opening the book the first page just had ‘Merry Christmas Scarlet’ in the middle of the page a small sliver box surrendering it with bells in the top right corner and the left bottom corner.

The first poem was title ‘Forever Lost in Time’ with black ribbons drawn around the writing, meeting black roses that were in the corners, the ribbon wasn’t straight but flowed along the page never going over the writing… it looked beautiful.

“Her whole life was happy

No one told her life could get so bad

Now she’s lost everything

Her boyfriend



She’s even lost her will to live

As she stands on the chair that cold night,

One more look at the window

At the moon and stars

‘Good bye’

She whispers, and that’s the last thing she says.

The rope snapped around her neck

A girl who was so lost in life

Now she’s forever lost in the passing of time”

Like the last poem that Alex read them it was sad, the simple wording gave it more of a punch and the last two sentences caught her attention.

“A girl who was so lost in life” She whispered to herself, wondering what that could mean “Now she’s forever lost in the passing of time” She knew what that meant, the girl is dead so her spirit or ghost would remain on this earth, watching the years go by… if ghosts were real, which Tia knew they did, or she hoped they did.

Shaking her head from that thought, she turned the page to a poem titled ‘World So Cold’ this one had a blue border that had snowflakes and frost.

“It starts with pain…

And is followed by hate and revenge

I don’t believe we’re born to be good…

… I don’t believe that we can be saved

How does everything start?

An innocent child with a torn in their heart

Don’t you feel shame?

For what you have done?

We can’t rewind time…

… and learn who’s to blame

This is a world,

Where love is divided by hate

This world is cold.

How many times do you have to sell out souls?

Before we learn

This must be a dream

We must be dreaming this

In a world so cold…

… and in a life of cruelty”

Well… this seems like something Scarlet would enjoy reading, before she could question what Alex felt when he wrote this she turned to the next page. The title of the next poem confused her as it was ‘Other Worlds’ with a leafy green boarder with small pink flowers.

“There are other worlds out there

I knew it

Deep in my heart… I just know

I hoped and prayed that one day I could visit one

Make new friends and have fun

They might be a little different

But who am I to judge

That’s this world’s problem

We judge to quickly

We judge others looks


And habits

We don’t have a reason behind it

We don’t know their reason either

I hope there’s a world

Where everyone is expected

If there is

I want to go there

Away from this judgemental one”

More likely than not from the bullying Alex got from his ‘dad’ or Antonio as Alex started to call him. The next poem was called ‘Wild Child’ this one had a boarder of Vines connecting to the Wild flowers in the corners, it seemed Scarlet liked flowers or Alex liked drawing them.

“One only lives,

If you go to point break

And I’ll show you the way

If you love my mistakes

Let’s go while,

We’re still young

Let’s give them something to talk about

It might be a little messy

But fun all the same

No, it’s not a dream

Try and catch it

If it is

Let me take you on an endless ride

And I’ll be

You one and only

Wild child”

At least she found one poem that wasn’t depressing. The next one was going to be the last one she read than she would turn off the light and go to sleep. It was called ‘Daughters of Darkness’ it was a strange title, what made it stranger was the girl that was drawn in the corner she had pile skin, black hair that cover half her face, looking at a black rose in her hands. She was wearing a black dress with black wings. The girl didn’t take up much room on the page, but then again it was a short poem.

“We’re here to fight,

To win this war

We won’t stop till we get what we’re looking for

A little insane

We’re sisters on the inside

We’ve all survived something

We don’t need a doctor

Our names are tattooed on our backs

We’ll blow out our speakers

Taking out the neighbourhood

A little evil

Goes a very long way

You won’t stop us

Our voices are strong

We’re the daughters of darkness

And nothing on this planet will be able to stop us”  

She didn’t know what to think of the five poems that she read, most of them were depressing, but then again it wouldn’t surprise her if Alex was a bit depressed. This was the true facts of life, there were the good parts and then there were the bad ones.

‘Life never got easier, you get stronger’ this was something Harmony often told her and now Tia knew what she meant.

She sadly also knew of Chris’ curse on Scarlet, and she didn’t think Alex would mind if she ‘accentually’ fall asleep on his bed… or next to him for that matter, she didn’t fell like walking to her room, besides he was her boyfriend.

After turning off the lamps, she climbed back into Alex’s bed, thinking about what she read until she fall asleep.  

The End

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