Chapter FifteenMature


Alex, Tia, Chris, Scarlet, Jasmine, Amber and Joseph were sitting on the ground in front of Alex’s locker during the lunch break, the seven friends were talking about their weekend. Joseph was Jasmine’s twin brother with the same milk chocolate hair and green eyes. He was listening intently to his friends interesting lives, while trying to ignore Jasmine’s babbling, he lives with her, trust me he gets enough of it on a daily bases.

“Chris gave you a puppy?” Jasmine squealed, when she got Alex to tell her why he was so anxious for school to end, when he usually dreaded it.

“Yup!” Alex grinned, showing off his dazzlingly white teeth “Her name is Luna, and she’s the cutest thing.”

“Can I meet her?” Jasmine asked, bouncing with excitement “Oh please! Oh Please! Oh pretty, pretty please.”

“Can we?” Amber asked, wrapping her arm around her girlfriend trying to calm down the excitable girl.

“The physical appearance of please doesn’t impact the answer.” Scarlet snapped, her temper being as short as ever.

“Ugly please.” Jasmine tried again… just one last time, it caused Chris and Amber to laugh at her, Chris a deep belly laugh and Amber a giggle, at the girls cuteness, but of course Amber had to kiss her on the forehead.       

When Tia saw that Alex wasn’t laughing, but staring out of the window with a readable gaze when she followed his gaze she found out why.

“What is he doing here?” Alex quietly asked no one.

Tia didn’t brother to answer the question, just got up and pulled Alex roughly to his feet. She motioned Chris and the others to follow her, as soon as they were out of sight and couldn’t be seen from the window all of them broken out into a run.

“What’s going on?” Chris asked as they entered on of the school’s janitor’s closets.

“What is he doing here.” Tia hissed locking the door and pulling out her mobile phone.

“This can’t be happing.” Alex whispered his hands going through his already messy hair, messing it up his hair even more in a way that made his impish good looks even more attractive “I’ve got to see what he wants.”

“Alex no.” Tia said handing the phone to Chris turning to face the smaller boy “I forbid it. Look… whatever it is he wants… it can’t be… it just can’t be good.”

That’s when the screaming started, people where running down the halls, but the closet didn’t have any windows so they couldn’t see what was happening.

“Students… teachers.” Came the vice principals voice over the intercom “Please proceed to your lockdown locations. Remain calm… but this not a drill.”

“What’s going on?” Chris yelled over the nose that was coming from the outside of the small room.

“That’s a very good question… I wish I knew the answer, but still a good question.” Amber said, holding Jasmine closer to her.

“Hello.” Came a deep, confused voice over the phone.

“Hello?” Tia said as she got her phone back from her brother “Dad! Something’s going on at school! Alex’s… Alex’s dad had cracked. His here and I think he finally cracked… how do I know, he brought a gun with him. Don’t worry they’ve already put the school in lockdown… yes, yes Chris and Alex are with me… we’re safe at the moment. There are four other people with us… just some friends… yes, I understand. Okay, I love you two.”

When Tia hung up her phone, she knew that her dad and mum where going to call the police and came to the school themselves, looking around the room… it seems that everyone was handling the station better than others. Scarlet was leaning on the wall, her face was stricken… but still she looked ready to kill someone. Jasmine was sobbing into Ambers shoulder and Amber like Scarlet looked ready to kill someone as she comforted her girlfriend. Joseph and Chris were looking around like it was still lunch and they had no idea why they were in a supply closet. Alex, well Alex was sitting on the ground, his knees were drawn up to his chest, arms wrapped tightly around the, the black hood of his jacket was over his head, he was staring at Tia with eyes that swallowed her whole soul.

“Alex… it’s not your fault.” Tia told it was as if she could read his mind, she kneeled in front of him.

“Boy!” came the muffled scream of his dad, causing Alex to jump into Tia’s arms.

Everyone froze, they stared at the door with wide eyes; willing the voice to go away. Tia wrapped her arms around Alex, blocking his view of the door. She could feel his trembling in her arms… waiting for the door to blast open.

“Boy!” his dad yelled again, only this time a shot followed shortly after “That freaky boy told me you were going to report me to the police! We both know I can’t let that happen, so get out here and we can settle did… just you and me.”

The footsteps faded as Alex’s dad walked father away, only then did they start talking, but no one risked going over a whisper.

“Who is that guy?” Jasmine chocked out still in the protective grip of her girlfriend  “What does he want from Alex?”

“Who was he talking about?” Tia demanded she was livid, someone had told the crazy man and now they were all in danger because of it “Who’s the freaky boy he mentioned.”

“I didn’t mean to tell him.” Joseph whispered, curling into a small ball in the corner, well he at least at the grace to look ashamed of himself “Chris told me about your plans to get custody of Alex and I sort of made a comment on an internet form…. I wanted to make sure it was legal. Some guy commented on it… but I swear I didn’t know he was a crazy person!”

“Who is he?” Amber asked, she wanted to know who she was dealing with and how much of an ass kicking the bastard was going to get, he was already going to get a major one for scaring Jasmine… but if she finds out that he was also threating on of her friends… he was dead D E A D, dead.

“He’s Alex’s dad.” Scarlet hissed as she smacked Joseph over the head, in fact a second after she that… he got another one from Amber. “Joseph, why are you so stupid? Why on earth did you put on the internet?”

“In fact why did you use Alex’s name, you could of used a fake one and we wouldn’t be in this mess.” Amber hissed, how dumb can one boy be.

“Wait… you were trying to get custody of me.” Alex softly asked, in fact his voice was so soft that Tia who was still hugging him.

“Yes.” Tia whispered crossing her legs and pulling Alex onto her lap, inwardly she was bellowing in fury and wished she could hit Joseph over the head as well, but outwardly remaining calm, so she didn’t startle Alex, well any more than he already was “My parents were getting suspicious and asked me about your home life and if your dad abused you. I know I promised not to tell Alex, but he knocked you out on Saturday. I was worried and I didn’t want to directly lie to them, so I told them what was going on. They’ve been looking into getting custody of you ever since. Mum told me and Chris about it yesterday and we both agreed that we wanted you away from him… but we weren’t supposed to tell anyone about it, at least not until we got more details. We wanted to avoid something this extreme.”

“Are you mad?” Chris asked, his face was one of shame, since he was the one who told Joseph.

“No.” Alex sighed, yet again messing up his hair as he thought about the situation they were in “I’m not mad. I’m-”

“Boy!” A voice bellowed over the intercom system, echoing down the halls and classrooms “I’m giving you one hour to give yourself up. If you don’t I start killing people, one for every minute you stay hidden. It’s your choice boy!”

The intercom clicked off with a familiar and almost comical ding. The teens that were huddled in the closet stared at each other wondering what they were going to do next.

“I guess I’m going to have to talk to him.” Alex said at last trying to get out of Tia’s arms and get to the door.

“No!” Tia exclaimed tightening her hold on him, not enough to hurt him, but just enough to keep him in place, he struggled to get out of her hold.

“He’s going to kill people… Tia.” Alex snapped “Let me go please!”

“The cops are on their way now.” Tia reasoned “We have an hour to a move… we don’t have to do anything right now.”

“Sorry Alex, but Tia’s right we have an hour, and the police are sure to show up before that, just give them a change to come and then we’ll figure out something.” Amber told him, a small smile on her face.

“I can’t let you out Alex.” Scarlet said playing a broken desk in front of the door, acting like a barricade.

“Why are you guys stopping him?” Joseph asked, his eyes were wild and scared. “If he wants to give himself up… I say let him. No point in everyone else dying because of him!”

“You know what Joseph, I may like you sister, but stupid traditors have no say in this.” Amber hissed at him, covering Jasmine’s ears, so she didn’t hear what was going on around her.

“Agreed, shut up you traitor!” Scarlet sneered, as she advanced on him, her black combat boots clumping ominously “Alex’s not going anywhere. If anyone should go out there and face him, it’s you. If it weren’t for you, we wouldn’t be in this mess in the first place! You just had to open your big mouth and ruin everything!”

“Guys… stop!” Jasmine cried burying her face into Amber’s shirt “Just stop.”  

Amber just hugged Jasmine as she sobbed, Chris went to hold Scarlet back just in case she physically harmed Joseph, Scarlet was just glaring at Joseph daring him to make another move as he went back father into his corner. Alex had stopped fighting Tia’s grip and just leaned against her, since Tia was refusing to let him go or even loosening her grip on Alex just in case he tried to escape again, who was trying to find a way out for everyone and wishing for the first time that the Peterson family didn’t moved in next door, if they didn’t they wouldn’t be in danger. Tia merely tightened her grip in nonverbal reassurance, her watchful eye never leaving the door.

“I won’t let him touch you again.” She whispered into his hood, so quietly that Alex barely heard the promise.             


The End

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