Chapter SixMature

“The first thing that you have to understand.” Alex said, his voice was soft and his hand was running through his snow white locks, in a vain attempt to get rid of nervous energy.

“Is that I didn’t lie when I said she was sick, for as long as I can remember she was. Ever since my sister passed away, she was different, really different. Most days she didn’t leave her bed and dad told me to play quietly, so I didn’t bother her. I was normally sent outside; I was like the wind he would often tell me, always moving and destroying, but never silent and still; which was what my mum needed, peace and quiet. She would cry almost every day, and dad spend every second of his free time trying to help her, but she never got better. I understand now that she has serious depression and had lost the will to live, but at the time I didn’t know why she acted the way she did. Anna’s death was hard on her, almost the same as Lily; but the difference is she never got out of it and it seemed to only get worse as time went on. I tried to be good enough for her, but the thing was I wasn’t Anna.”

Alex smiled softly as he tried to remember his baby sister “The thing about Anna wasn’t the fact she was favourite, she loved me as well, she wasn’t the whole world to my mum, but she was the thing that held her world together and when Anna went it was like that world fall apart and she wasn’t able to hold it together anymore. I was at school that day.”

Alex paused for a moment trying to find a way to word what was needed to be said, and soon he continued “Dad was still at work when I came home, I wanted to show my mum the 100 I had gotten on a math test, so I went looking for her. First in her room, but she wasn’t there and she wasn’t anywhere else in the house. So I went to the forbidden room –Anna’s bedroom. They kept it exactly the way it was when my sister passed and nothing changed in that room, they always told me to stay out of it, in fear of making a mess. Sometimes when they slept I would sneak into the room; just to see and conform that Arianna Noelle Foster was real and wasn’t part of my imagination, since my parents wouldn’t talk about her, and when they tried they just go into tears.”

“The door was locked, which I thought was strange. My mum, she really did love me, she didn’t want me to find her, she just didn’t know that I had the spare key, hidden in my room; just in case they tried to lock her room forever. So when I unlocked the door and found her on my sisters pink princess bed, she’d left a note, but I didn’t read it. I just ran to my room and hide under the bed, maybe there was something I could of done for her, but I was young and scared. Dad came home half an hour later and things moved quickly after that. When the funeral was over, we moved here and like my mum before him, he never got over the death of his daughter or wife, but I had learned the mistakes that I’d done with my mum, as I try and make his life easier. I think it’s hard for him to look at me, since I remind him of the two things he has lost.”

“I didn’t kill my mum.” Alex said, looking at Chris and Tia, but he sounded like he was telling himself and was trying to convince himself, more than anything else “But people say I did, it might be because I never said a lot to others or it’s because I was the one who found her first and didn’t do anything to help her when I did, but my mum; she killed herself. That wasn’t my fault; she’s the one who did it.”

Tears came to Alex’s eyes; he pulled the hood of his jacket up and dug the palms of his hands into his eyes, trying to get rid of his tears and sadness. Scarlet said nothing just sat back and watched; Chris just stared at him with pure disbelieve, and Tia, oh Tia was disgusted with this women and how she wished she could strangle Alex’s dead mum for leaving her only living child; for the one who had already passed, just because she loved her more.

“Don’t hate her.” Alex quietly said, his eyes meeting with Tia’s.

“What?” Tia said, just taken aback.

“I can see it in your face; you’re starting to hate my mum. Don’t. She was sick and wasn’t in her right state of mind. Life had gotten too hard for her to face, but don’t hate her for it.”

“She left you.” Tia hissed, she was angry at a women she would and had never met was rising.

“She needed to get away.”

“Don’t make excuses for her! She had a choice and she chose to leave you! Mothers don’t leave their children! It just isn’t right.”

“Just stop!” Scarlet shouted harshly.

“No.” Tia yelled “That was selfish of her! And she shouldn’t of…”

“Tia, please.” Alex begged as he gently put his hand on her arm and instantly Tia felt ashamed of herself.

“I’m sorry about that Alex.” She whispered to him “I guess it just bothered me, because it made me think how close I was to losing my own mum for the exact same reason.”

“I’m glad that you didn’t” Alex told her with a small smile on his face “You’re very lucky.”

“Wait… what?” Scarlet asked, she was completely lost and confused, looking at Chris, Tia and Alex to tell her what was happening.

“Our sister: Harmony died from cancer two years ago.” Chris explained to her, even if her confused face was funny to look at “Our mum went into depression for about a year, but she was able to pull out of it, before something happened or she did something.”

“I’m sorry.” Scarlet said; looking at her black combat boots “Tia, I shouldn’t have snapped at you.”

“I guess I shouldn’t of either.” Tia replied while she sighed “But we both know why we did it. I did, because of my mum and you did it for Alex.”

“Is there anything else you would like to share with Alex?” Scarlet; moving on from the apologies; which in truth made her uncomfortable.  

“Not right now.” Alex told her, his hood was still covering his face “but now at least you know.”

Chris really wanted to hug him, since he didn’t know what to say to him, without making him feel bad about saying it, that and Alex didn’t seem like a person who liked physical contact, so he stayed where he was, not moving and keeping silent.

“People suck.” Tia declared, l leaning against the wooden wall; she sat next to Alex to make sure that if he did start crying she would be there for him.

“Finally something I can agree with you on.”

“She likes you.” Alex laughed, bouncing back from his emotional breakdown, a little too quickly. It made Tia wonder how much of it was an act and how much was it was true happiness.

Tia shock her head from the thoughts, she had no feelings for the mousy haired girl, but she knew that Scarlet saw Alex like a little brother, someone who she had to project, and Tia could appreciate how protective of him she really was, but it seemed that a lot of her protectiveness want unnoticed by Alex. The thing is she didn’t know how she saw Alex, but then again she had time to figure them out.

“I don’t like her.” Scarlet corrected “I just agree with her statement; that people suck.” She pushed him playfully on the arm, but Alex still winced, if only just a little.

“Alex.” Scarlet said, her eyes looking at his arm “you know our deal.”

“You were busy.” Alex muttered, looking at the wooden floor, as if the grins were the most interesting thing in the room.

“You know our deal.” Scarlet told again, but this time more firmly “Now let me see.”





“What’s going on?” Chris asked, looking between Scarlet and Alex, trying to work out what was being said and what was being hidden by the two.

“Sometimes you’re really thick sometimes Chris.” Tia told him, while shaking her head.

Alex looked up at her. His icy red eyes meet her pale blue ones, alarm bells were ringing and it showed on his face. As the realization of the fact that Tia know fell into place in his mind. Tia just looked at him, her face was cool. She knew and to say she wasn’t pleased was…

The understatement of the century.             

Authors Note-

That's what happened to Alex's mum, pretty selfish of her, please comment on what you think about Alex's mum and people who leave their living children for the ones who had passed.


The End

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