Chapter FourMature


After eating with the Peterson family, Alex spent the night in his tree house; making sure to get up early, so he could slip into the house when his dad left for work. Showering quickly, towelling his hair dry leaving in the mess that it always was, he long since given up on trying to make his hair lie flat, no matter what he did with it, it always was a mess and always fall into his face.

The clothes he wore was a baby blue short sleeved top, black jacket and grey jeans with rips at the knees from the amount of times he wore them. His high cheek bones, where naturally pale –as was the rest of him- and gave him the look of perpetually smiling, while his icy red eyes glimmered with excitement. Picking up his bag pack, which by this point was more tape than it was actually bag, rushed out the back door, into the yard to wait for Tia and Chris to get ready. Unlike most teenagers of today’s age, Alex loved going to school and it was his favourite part of the day.

“Alex, sweetie.” Lily called from the back door of her house, looking over to his yard to find the boy sitting on the step near the door to his house.

“Hello Lily.” Alex said, getting up and walking over to her.

“Are you hungry dear?” Lily asked –since she thought he was too skinny- letting the pale boy into the warm house and out of the chilling autumn morning.

“No thank you; but thanks for the offer.” Alex said, while he fidgeted with his jackets sleeves and hem uneasily, since he couldn’t see Tia or even Chris. “Are Tia and Chris, ready?”

“Almost.” Tia yelled from upstairs.

Soon Tia and Chris were ready to go, but before they left; Lily had to take photos of children individually, together and even with Alex: it was like they’ve never been to a school, and this was their first day, not the middle of the semester. Kissing them on the forehead and tearing up as they left the house.

“Your mum’s so nice.” Alex told the two, a tiny bit of jealousy coloured his tone, as got into the front of Tia’s car making sure to do the seat belt.

“She is.” Chris agreed with him, from the back seat “And she adores you to death.”

Alex started to glow when he said that, he was quickly falling in love with the Peterson family, which meant he took to their love and kindness as a flower in the caring sun. Sadly for him, that most of the time it spoiled before he could get attached to the feeling of be loved and cared for, but this time Alex wanted it to be different; it was in his nature, even if and when his common sense told him to be careful around others.

The drive to school wasn’t dull, it was filled with laughter and congestion about anything and everything, such as how they thought the school would be like, and how their old school was like. When they did arrive; they student car yard was filling, so Tia just parked in the first spot she could find. The three quickly joined the crowd of students who were entering the main building.

Since the school had already sent Tia and Chris their classes and locker numbers; all Alex had to do was show them were each thing was located and how it could be found.

“We have the same classes.” Chris laughed; loudly, drawing stares from some of the students that were walking past, even some of the teachers had to look at where the loud sound was coming from.

“Well, since there aren’t many subjects to choose from.” Alex explained “So they kind of just limp all the art students; it doesn’t matter what they’re good at. They always say that they do it so can become more ‘rounded’ at what we’re good at, or whatever reason they do it for.”

“Hello.” Said a strawberry blonde with a smile that showed off all her white teeth, her skirt was so short that it played peek-a-boo with her bottom, well she had every nice pink underway “I’m Lucy! You must be new, aren’t you?”

“No, my name’s Chris; sounds nothing like new.” Chris said, he was confused and really… didn’t know what to do… with Lucy, she looked like the school slut.

“You’re funny!” Lucy giggled, trying to be cute, but failing since her voice was worse than champagne glasses shattering… “Do you need help finding any of your classes?”

“I think we’re all set here.” Tia said, really wanting to get away from the slutty blonde “Alex has the same classes as us.” And I can stand him “So, he’ll be showing us where to go.”

“Oh… you really don’t want to be seen with him.” Lucy said, a small smile on her face, but it looked too forced “He’s nice and all, but a little strange; if you know what I mean.”

Alex just started looking at his feet. Lucy Miyo Powell was a music student, who was very popular, and she never really liked him. The only way to get her attention was to play a sport, play a musical instrument or be good looking, which meant his play was worshipping the ground she walked on: not that he did, when he saw her all he could think about was; how the hell did she get into this school? She did, and Alex had some theories on how she got accepted… but none of them where nice or good or clean for that matter.

“I don’t know: no, I have no idea what you mean.” Chris said, looking at Lucy with an annoyed expression on his face, crossing his arms over a well-toned chest, his expression went from one of annoyed to one of disapproving as the girl continued to smile as if she did nothing wrong, okay they was something wrong with her.

“Well… I mean, he’s just so quiet and fidgety, like a squirrel. And he’s so small, and have you seen his eye colour, I mean its red or pink!”

“He’s also standing right, here.” Tia said glaring at the school bimbo and school slut, putting an arm over Alex’s shoulders.

“It was very……nice meeting you.” Chris told the girl, he was trying to be nice, as the first period bell rang.

“She’s a real piece of work.” Tia commented, glaring at the girls back as she skipped to her first class, so they went to theirs, if only to get away from the blonde as quickly as they could.

Alex had to stop himself from laughing out loud, but that didn’t stop me from doing it in his head and grinning like a fool on the outside, it was official, having Tia and Chris around, was going to be more fun than he first thought and more fun than… penguin sledding.

In their first classroom for the day, Alex sat in the middle row with Chris and Tia going on either side of her. They didn’t have desk, but tables that seated six.

“Hey Alex.” A female voice greeted, looking at the owner of the voice, he saw that it was his friend Jasmine with her girlfriend Amber. Jasmine Anna Warren was a tiny girl she was about Ambers shoulder in height and a few inch’s taller than Alex himself. Her hair was like milk chocolate and eyes of the green leaves found at spring time, her tanned skin made them look lighter than they really were.

 “I didn’t know you had body guards.” Amber said, now Amber’s full name was Amber Biana Powell, and she was the twin sister of Lucy, she was the good twin, while Lucy was the slutty twin. She had her strawberry blonde hair in bob cut, bright blue eyes. She was known for her patience, which was deeper than the deepest ocean, as one needed when dealing with Jasmine or her sister Lucy.

“There not body guards.” Alex told the two, a cocky smile on his face “This is Chris and Tia Peterson. They moved in next door, about Saturday. Tia, Chris this is Jasmine Warren and Amber Powell.”

“I love your hair.” Jasmine shouted, reaching over and petting Tia on the head, like one might do to a bunny or cat “It’s so soft.”

“Uh… thanks.” Tia said, feeling really comfortable and she didn’t know why Jasmine just petted her hair, she was used to guys touching since most of them liked the fact it was soft, but wasn’t so used to girls touching her hair or petting her like an animal, luckily she was saved by Amber… who pulled her to go talk to a boy with the same colour hair as Jasmine.

“Sorry about that Tia, Jasmine doesn’t have a sense of personal boundaries.” Alex explained “She’s also a bit random, but you’ll get used to her… might take some time, but you will.”

“Which way does she swing?” Tia asked; still feeling unnerved about the whole thing.

“Jas, she’s bi and Amber’s lesbian, their also going out. Why?” Alex replied, really nor knowing why Tia was asking him.

“No reason.”

“Who are they?” A harsh voice demanded.

Chris and Tia turned to face a tall; Gothic dressed, strongly built with short spiky mousy blonde hair dark red headband with a crimson flower on it. She was also giving them a death glare with her dark brown eyes; it was like she was trying to kill them in their seats. When she looked at Alex, he did nothing: which surprised the hell out of Tia, since she’d seen him flinch when people look at him, and this girl was giving him a full on glare, not a death glare that was for the two of them –they being Chris and Tia.

“Tia, Chris this is Scarlet Holly Turner.” Alex intruded as soon as Scarlet looked at him “Scarlet, this is Tia and Chris. Please don’t eat them.”

Scarlet sized them up for a few seconds before turning to where Amber and Jasmine were talking.


“Yes Scarlet.”

“Have you shown Alex the new painting on your locker?” Scarlet asked, knowing full well what was going to happen.

“Have we?” Amber asked.

“No!” Jasmine squealed, jumping up and down like someone gave her a year supply of energy drinks and she drank them all in one hit. “Alex, come on you have to see it: it’s so cute!”

Pulling him onto his feet and out the door, before he could even get one word in, Amber went with them, out of pity for Alex and love for Jasmine, everyone looked at him with pity, not many would handle Jasmine for more than a few seconds, so they pitied anyone who was stuck with her for projects and such.

Someone really needs to stop giving her surgery things.

“Now.” Scarlet began, leaning in towards the two over the other side of the table “I want to know what and why your associating with Alex.”

“He’s our friend and next door neighbour.” Tia said, going up and matching a glare of her own with Scarlet, they were at the same eye level. “And he’s been kindly showing us around.”

“Nothing else?” Scarlet demanded, still holding her glare with Tia’s.

“How’s that any of your business, anyway?”

“Because I’m not stupid!” Scarlet hissed whispered “And I will not have you two making his life harder than it already is>”

“Wait.” Chris whispered, holding his hand up like he was preppy all over again “You already know about Alex’s…… dad.”

“I’ve known Alex since he moved here about eight years ago.” Scarlet stated “I know more than he thinks I know, so yes I know about his… dad, and I won’t let you morons put him in more danger.

“More danger?” Tia asked, her suspicion was getting worse and she could almost guess what was going on.

“Good morning miniature adults!” A short man, who walled when he walked and wore glasses so thick you just didn’t know where he was looking, shouted in greeting.

Ending the conversation that was happening between Tia, Chris and Scarlet. Alex, Jasmine and Amber quickly raced back to their seats as the teacher shouted that.

On both sides of Alex, they were wondering what Alex’s friend Scarlet had meant by what she said, but Chris remembered Alex telling him his dad was sick, so that was good enough for him and he left the topic alone. Tia however; didn’t. She decided to look further into the issue. She hated all and any form of mystery and that Scarlet girl made the one about Alex even harder to look away from.

Tia would help, but appreciate the hostility shown towards her; it was a very nice change from girls who want to be her friend simply because of her looks.

She looked at Alex than Scarlet comparing the two: Scarlet had become hostile, mean and scary to survive high school, but Alex, who can be very snarky, was more than willing to let other people walk over him like a doormat in order to blend into the background, becoming a wall flower and attracting as little attention as possible.

Tia wanted to survive this high school, but she didn’t know which road was better

The bully or The wallflower.                           

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So Tia didn't have to worry about Jasmine having a crush on her.

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