The Boy in the Silver Helmet

The boy in the silver helmet tells the tale of a young boy named Carlos who encounters an alien, but does not recognise it as such. He encounters the alien's spaceship as he plays in the crops of Roswell, New Mexico in the year 1948, the period where UFO's were said to be sighted.


What Carlos did not realise was that it was not a dream. He had not slept off whilst playing cops and robbers, and the crater beside him was not an old swimming pool. He could hear low chimes coming from the flat shiny thing below, it reminded him of the amusement park he had the opportunity to visit on his seventh birthday, although his parents were only fortunate to afford two rides on the merry go round. He wanted another ride, but understood that his 4 siblings had to get a ride each as well and that was all his parents’ pockets could let out.

“Don’t worry Carlos, when you turn 10, you have one more ride. Big boy ride!”

His father said to him as he brushed his head in a headlock, giving him a noogie.

“And you get to wash hair with shampoo, make you a gentleman.”

He always kept this in mind, and now it had more clutch on his memory as his birthday was in three months time. The sounds from the shiny round object underneath only worsened the wait, so without anyone around to tell him what to do, he ventured into the crater, also having in mind that the others who were the cops would not have him in their sight; the only robber still free.

The crater was still hot and the steam blurred his vision, but the heat was so enjoyable that there was no way he would not be enticed to venture into it. He slid down the uneven slopes joyfully until his foot hit a rock that sent him flying downwards onto a metal surface. The fall made him lose his one of his front teeth.

“Another one for the fairy. I will be rich by the end of the month!”

Carlos grabbed it and quickly pushed it into his pocket, along with his laser toy gun and squashed up papers in ball shapes that they had been using as bombs for cops and robbers. He stood on the metal surface and felt it vibrating. He could feel his whole body bouncing up and down and his lower jaw repeatedly hitting his upper set of teeth. This was a new type of ride, but warmer and smoother than the merry go round. For Carlos, it was definitely amusing.

Tthhhhiiiisss iiiiisssss ggooood”. He said as his body was vibrating. He laid down on the surface, and put his cheeks to it. For a few minutes he laid there, enjoying the vibration and the way it made him feel. The vibration stopped, but he carried on laying on it, until he could feel it getting cooler. The fun was over, so he sat down on it with folded legs, hoping that the rumbling will start again. It did not.

Carlos became rather unhappy with the silence that had started, and began knocking on the surface, hoping that it will resume. Nothing happened, and he carried on sitting on it.

The area of the metal he was sitting on opened up and he fell into the metal screaming as he did not know what was going on. He finally hit the floor, and everything from his pocket dropped; his laser toy gun, his paper bombs and his tooth; all scattered around the place.  He was frantically searching the floor looking for his weapons and his gift for the fairy, but all he found were the bombs. The lighting in the metal was not helping matters in any way, so he stood up to look for a switch to perhaps increase it. Upon looking up, he noticed that the place he had fallen into had different lightings in it, just like an amusement park. There were blue lights at the top flickering around, along with green lights that ran round the ceiling, with different areas lit more that the others. All glowing. It was as if someone had caught the fireflies from the crops and trapped them in there.  Beeps of colourful sounds were all over the place, and this amazed Carlos who just looked upwards, gazing at the colours and sounds that made him feel like it was his tenth birthday.

Suddenly he heard the sound of his laser gun from behind, as if someone had fired at him. He turned round, and it was someone wearing a silver outfit, still pressing the trigger on his laser gun, firing at him.

“ah! Okay you got me. Ah! Ah! I’m dying” he said as he was using his primary school drama skills to fake death.  “noooooooo!”, followed by false coughs. After his scene of death, he stood up and started walking towards his fellow playmate that started moving backwards slowly because he was shocked by Carlos’ invulnerability to damage from the laser gun. “I always wanted to do that too. I have never used my enemy’s gun to kill him, you get double points for doing that and at the end of each week, the person with the highest points gets to play with the action man figure. No one has done it throughout this week, and today is the last day, so I’m guessing that you will be the one who plays with him.”

The being looked back at him as he moved his head from side to side, looking perplexed at the adolescent’s reaction towards being shot with the laser gun, and the fact that he still approached him in a non offensive motion. He held the gun up to his face, still in a confused state as to what advanced weaponry the little boy possessed. Still holding it, he brought out one of his own laser guns, holding both in both hands. After a pause, he handed his over to the little boy. It was big and heavy. And different.

“Wow! You want to swap guns? Okay. I must tell you though, the battery is dying out, and you need to replace it very soon. Wow! Thank you” he said happily. Seeing as the boy’s outfit was made of silver, Carlos thought to himself that the boy was probably from a wealthy family, so this generosity also came from the fact that he could afford another gun, whereas he could not. Still smiling, exposing the newly formed gap he had in his teeth. The boy in the silver outfit noticed the gap in Carlos’s mouth. The boy in the silver outfit opened his hand to reveal Carlos’ missing tooth. He held it and rubbed it gently to feel the preciousness and smoothness of the enamel, a fine element he had never seen before.  He walked up to Carlos and used his hands to open Carlos’s mouth. Carlos stood there looking at him as he took the tooth and placed in his mouth. He rubbed it slowly with his hand which had 3 fingers and a thumb. He moved his hand away from Carlos’s mouth, and his tooth was back in place. Carlos used his tongue to feel round his mouth, and noticed that the gap was no longer there. He screamed happily at the top of his voice, “whoa! Thank you thank you thank you! How did you do that? You’ve got to teach me your magic trick” he said happily, and suddenly his face changed;

“Now I’ve nothing to give to the tooth fairy when she comes at night. But hey! You’ve given me this new laser gun, and this is brilliant!”

 Carlos looked at the boy in the silver outfit , and the boy looked back at him. Carlos felt something inside him that made him feel guilty about the kindness bestowed upon him. He had to reciprocate, but with what?

“You know what? Have this...”

Carlos tried pulling his tooth out again. Forcefully he tried, gripping it with his thumb and index finger. Yet nothing happened. He stopped, took the new laser gun which his friend had given to him and hit his tooth with it. His new friend’s weapon was not made of plastic like his, but of metal; so this was more suitable for him to knock his own tooth out with.

“Oomph! There you go...have this. Put it under your pillow when you’re asleep, and the fairy will exchange it for something better”

The boy in the silver outfit took it, looked at it, and approached Carlos again to try and put it back into its place.

“No, no! this is for you. It is my last milk teeth, the oldest one. I want you to have it.”

Carlos hugged him and thanked him once more for the gun. It will be a nice toy to show off to his friends.

“Come! You have to meet my friends and family, they will like you. Especially when you show them the magic trick you did with my tooth. Everyone will love you. But...what’s your name?

The boy in the silver outfit looked back at him, swung his head from left to right without a sound.

  “You’re not from around here are you? And you don’t speak English?”

Still there was silence. Carlos decided to introduce himself properly to his playmate;

“Okay, my name is Carlos. Me, Carlos. You?”  Carlos said, pointing at his new friend “you!?”

“yzhn-n’ti”  Carlos’ friend replied.

“ermm...can I call you Insti? It is easier for me to pronounce.”

Insti looked at him and bent his head to the right, as if agreeing. The two heard whispers above them, and Carlos presumed it was his other playmates who had finally found where he was hiding.

“Here, come with me. Let’s go find the others and play with them.”

Carlos and his new friend climbed out of his metal house, and a big bang followed. The whole place was covered with white light that restricted Carlos from seeing. This was accompanied by explosions too loud for Carlos to hear whatever was going on. Suddenly he was approached by a group of big men in black helmets who grabbed his hand trying to drag him away. The next thing he heard was Insti’s voice; screaming and shrieking to a point where he passed out; his body could not bear the high sensitivity of the light and sound.

Carlos woke up without track of time or place. He looked up and saw it was dark, and he knew that time had flown by while he was laying there. He was not close the crater anymore, rather was about 2 miles away from it, closer to where the game of cops and robbers began; at the start of the farm, but he was still hidden from plain sight due to the tall crops growing. Someone must have carried him there. Insti was nowhere around; nor the men in black helmets who tried taking him away. He screamed out for Insti but there was no one there. His body was partially covered in liquid silver. It could not have been blood he thought to himself, as blood is only red in colour. He noticed that he was in a bubble, which shielded and isolated him from every other thing around the crops. In the middle of the bubble was a small ball that looked as if the bubble had grown from it. He picked it up and the bubble covering him suddenly disappeared. It had the same green luminescent glow which Insti’s house had. Carlos picked it up and put it in his pocket. He still had Insti’s laser gun with him which he took with him as he ran home, and never mentioned his friend or showed his new toys to anyone.

Carlos never saw his friend again, but when he fell asleep that night Insti was in his dream. When he saw insti, he ran to him and hugged him again, feeling the smoothness of his silver helmet. He and Insti were speaking a language that he did not understand. As he communicated with Insti, asking him how they can both understand each other, Insti brought out Carlos’ baby tooth which he had given to him for the fairy; he put it to Carlos’ forehead and then moved it to his relatively big one, as if to say the tooth connected them. Carlos asked him where he had gone to, but Insti told him not to worry, that they should just have fun while they were together. They were together, playing for what felt like days. Playing cops and robbers and hide and seek all the time. The length of the game play made him proficient enough to never be caught or shot at by those who opposed him.

Carlos saw the full effect of Insti’s laser toy gun, and how his was so much inferior to it. Insti’s did not just make sounds, but was able to disband constructions, penetrate hard materials and curve around edges once your target was at lock. The ball like shield was not only a shield device, but when held firmly and moved in a motion as if to throw, it released ghost like balls of the same resemblance that blew up like grenades; unlike his squashed up paper bombs. All these were happening in the dream, so none of them was hurt in anyway.

He woke up the next day and was very sad about the fact that he would never see his friend again. Armed with the ball like shield and a new laser toy gun which seemed not to have any need for battery change, it was now time for him to switch sides and become the seeker whilst Insti hid, or become the cop so that he could find the robbers; those who stole his new found friend from him.

The End

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