4 am

I woke up, sweat pouring down my tanned face.  I was shaking and my limbs felt weak as I slowly rocked back and forth on my springy mattress. "Just a dream" I kept reminding myself as flashes of the nightmare made me weep out in terror.  I clutched my tummy, huddling under my duvet to try and stay warm as a blast of cold air swept over me. It was pouring outside and the raindrops hitting on my roof created a calming wave that flooded my body.

When i had finally calmed down and my limbs felt strong again I eased myself off my bed and headed towards the soft light of the bathroom. My head ached as I peered at the figure in the mirror, she stared back at me with big, blotchy eyes and a mass of tangled chestnut hair on top of her plump head. She looked away. I went to the toilet and washed my hands and face then headed back into my cramped, dark room. I plunged into bed and wrapped the flowery quilt tightly round myself before the darkness could overwhelm me. I quickly glanced at the large clock on my wall. It says 4am. I lay there and focuse on the centre of one of the flowers on my duvet and listen to the thunderstorm outside. I was starting to drift... my eyelids started to close and my body relaxed. Then i remembered. Jake.

The End

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