... So I did

He pulled away from me and stared into the moonlight, humming an unfamiliar tune under his breath. I listened carfully to every note taking in the softness of his voice. This was the first time I ever noticed his clothes. He wore a dusty blue polo shirt and jeans. His polo shirt hung loosley over his chest, emphasising his musculear build and making his skin dazzle. His jeans fell over his shoes, dragging alittle in the damp soil beneath. Then I realised he was walking, with my hand in his, pulling me towards the edge of the cliff. I looked down at the cars swerving in every direction. I watched an old man hobble down the high street, bags in hand. Then I looked at the police car, It's lights blaring. He wasn't holding me any more. He was staring right into my eyes. " jump " he whispered, and so i did.

The End

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