You're Dirty, Bo Jensen

 "Hey, Evie." A tall, blonde, and freckled boy leaned against the doorframe. Evie stepped back. "You've got a lot of nerve comin' back around here, Bo!" She half shouted into Maybelle's ex boyfriend's face. "Yeah, guess I do. So.. how's it goin'?" He talked as if everything was casual, and that bothered Evie.

"Get your raggedy a** off my property. Now!" Bo chuckled. "Evie, you don't even know why I'm here. At least gimme a chance to talk." She crossed her arms. "You got ten seconds."

"Well, Maybelle needs you to come over, 'cause she ain't really able to come 'ere herself, like she'd planned. I mean, she tried, but she was too upset."

"What-why?" Evie was sincerely confused. Bo flipped his shaggy hair out of his eyes. "It's probably best if she tells you herself."


Evie ran out the door, not even bothering to make sure that Bo was behind her. She ran down the dirt road for a few minutes, then she crossed the bridge that went over the river and ran down that dirt road to Maybelle's house.

She rapped on the door as hard and loud as she could while shouting for her friend. "Maybelle! Maybelle, answer the door! It's Evie!" The squeaky screen door was opened by a Maybelle's mama, Mrs. Thompson. Her face was red and her eyes were teary. "Oh, Evie. Come in." She held it open for Evie, who ran to Evie's room, not even bothering to take in her surroundings. She flung open the door, and found Maybelle sitting on her bed, her face looking just like her mama's.

"Oh, Evie. Evie, this is real awful. Bo did something real bad to me." Maybelle sobbed. Evie sat down next to her. "Oh no, Maybelle." She whispered. She watched her friend cry for a few seconds more. "Evie, he got me pregnant. I'm pregnant." She said the word like it was forbidden. Evie stood up above Maybelle.

"How could you do somethin' like this? You know how bad that this can screw things up! You're only sixteen, Maybelle. Sixteen!" She wiped her eyes, smearing her mascara across her face. "It ain't like I did it on purpose! He did it to me, he drugged me up, Evie! I don't even remember it at all!"

"Whaddya mean, 'he drugged you up'?" Evie sat back down, and Maybelle sniffled. "My mama and papa were out with their friends, and Bo came over. Said he felt something awful and wanted to talk. I didn't see what bad could come outta talkin' things over, so I let 'im in. He was apologizing, sayin' how he knows he screwed up-"

"Damn right, he screwed up." Evie interrupted. Maybelle ignored her side comment. "So, we'd pretty much worked everything out that we could, and I asked him if he wanted a drink, to, you know, be a good hostess; be polite. He said that he'd get it. So, I let 'im. He must've slipped something in my juice, 'cause next thing I knew, I was out cold. Wake up in the morning, I'm in my pajamas, tucked in bed, feeling real woozy, though. I thought that our conversation was just a dream. So I went on with my daily life, talkin' to you, goin' to school- when I got some really bad cramps. Then I started gettin' mornin' sickness, and I got real hungry. I remembered your mama bein' just like that when she was pregnant with Piper, so I went to the city and bought a pregnancy test from a store. It came out positive. I was so confused. I thought I was still a virgin. The only thing that I could come up with was Bo. I called 'im up, and I got 'im to admit about what he did."

Evie grabbed Maybelle by the shoulders, tears drying in her eyes. "That's rape, 'Belle. You gotta call the police!" She ran out into the kitchen, searching for the phone. "Evie, no! Papa's already down at the station. We got it taken care of." Evie huffed. "Well, then I'm gonna go look for Bo."

She ran out the door and found Bo leaning on a tree by the bridge. Anger boiled up inside her, and she used it as a fuel to give her strength to do what she was about to do.

"Bo!" She shouted. "Bo!" He turned to look at her. "What?" She stomped over to him. "Don't you 'what' me! You know what you did, you horrible b*****d!" She grabbed his shirt collar and threw him to the ground. "What-Evie, stop!" She stomped on his chest and groin, causing him to wince and yell in pain. Then she sat on his chest, pinning him down. She punched him across his jaw, and pulled his hair so that he would be looking up at her. "Evie, please-" He pleaded. "You ain't nothin' but a lyin', cowardly criminal. You're dirty, Bo Jensen." He chuckled. "Lord, Evie. You think you're so tough. I can't fight back, you're a girl." Evie shook her head. "You didn't seem to care much about violating women a week ago, now did you?" She stood up, still holding his shirt collar. "Go to hell, Bo Jensen."

And with that, she pushed him into the cold and rocky river.

The End

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