Preparing For The Party

 "Evelyn Ann Marie Wilson!" Her mama's shouts echoed through the house. Evie sucked in her breath, and opened the screen door, setting the groceries inside. "Yes, Mama?"

"I have been waiting for almost 2 hours for a few groceries! What has been keeping you?" She took the bags from Evie's hands, rushed them to the counter and began cooking. "I'm sorry, Mama." Evie's mother turned to look at her, eyes filled with surprise and anger. "You did not answer my question. What has been keeping you? What took you so long to come home?"

Evie sighed. "Mama, you're gonna think it's stupid, but I met someone, and we just.. got carried away with our conversation. Do you need help with cookin' or somethin'?" Her mama smiled. "This wasn't just anyone you met. This was a boy. What's his name, and what's he like?"

"Oh, Mama!" Evie was embarrassed now. She covered her reddening face with her hands and rested her elbows on the kitchen counter. "Well, c'mon now. I was a young girl like yourself once, I know how it is! Tell me 'bout him, Evie."

"His name's Willard. He can sing and play the guitar. He has brown hair and hazel eyes. He's tall. He's real nice." Evie cleared her throat. "Oh Lord, Evie. If you can't tell me 'bout the boy, I'm gonna hafta meet him myself. How 'bout he come's over for dinner some night soon? Ya think his ma would approve?"

"Well, I- I dunno, we didn't talk about his family much, but I could find out, I guess." Shoot, Evie. How's he gonna come to dinner? Mama and Papa will hate him. You're gonna have to make a miracle happen, or it's bye-bye Willard!

"Evie. Evie!" Evie snapped back into reality. "Yes, Ma?"

"Party for Stella starts in twenty minutes. Go on and get her and Piper cleaned up for me." Evie ran to the girls's bedroom. Piper was sleeping in her crib, and Stella was playing with her dolls.

"Hey, Stella, party starts soon, and Mama said I gotta get you and Piper ready."

Stella slammed down her dolls. "No."

"I didn't say she gave me an option. C'mon, now. You can pick out your dress." Stella stood up and pulled a fluffy dark purple dress from her closet. "I wanna wear this one, with my hair in piggytails." Evie laughed. "Stella, you wear piggytails every day. I was thinking.. a ballerina bun with curls comin' down the side. Sound good?"

Stella smiled. "Yeah." She ran off to the corner to get changed. Evie picked up the peaceful, sleeping Piper from her crib. "Hi, baby Piper! Let's get you ready." Piper awoke, but without a sound. For some reason, she really liked Evie, maybe even more than their mama. Evie dressed the baby in a bright pink dress, and put a flowery headband around her nearly bald head. Stella came out of the corner, all dressed, and Evie put her hair in a bun with curls coming down the side- just as she'd said she would. She sent Stella downstairs to greet the guests and brought Piper with her to her room so that she could get ready. She put on a short lime green dress with a pouffy skirt and lace over the top with a hot pink ribbon around the waist. She put her light brown hair into a bun and put a crystal clip near it. Then she put on some eyeliner and a light coat of silver eyeshadow, and headed downstairs with Piper to greet her family.

The End

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