Willard Steven Hudson

  As he played the last chord of the song, Evie realized that she had lost track of time. "Oh Lord, I gotta run. I'll see ya 'round, Will." Will looked at her and grinned. "See ya 'round, Evie."

Evie ran into the store and walked around, not sure where she was going. She pulled out the list.

1 gallon of milk, 2 cartons of eggs, 1 small bag of flour, 1 small bag of sugar, 3 2-liters of pop- Sprite, Cola, and Orange flavored, 2 bags of Doritos

Evie sighed. Twenty dollars wasn't about to cover this. It looked like the groceries would be coming out of her pocket- again. She grabbed a cart and filled it with the items her mother had asked for, then headed to the checkout. The total came to almost forty dollars- twice what her mama had given her. She pulled a twenty out of her own wallet and handed it to the cashier along with the twenty from her mama. Money wasn't coming easy these days, but she had to admit that they had it pretty good.

"Thank you, sir. Have a nice day." She took the paper bags into her arms and hobbled out to her truck. After she'd loaded it into the back, she saw Will wandering down the road with his guitar in his arms. She smiled at the sight of him- although the thought of him made her smile, too.

"Hey, Will!" She called as loud as she could. Will turned around, startled, but when he saw that it had been Evie, he smiled and waved. "C'mere!" Evie called, and Will came.

"Hey, what's up? Need help with somethin'?" Will set his guitar against the truck. "Um, no. I just needed to ask you somethin'." Will raised his eyebrows. "And what might that be?"

"Um, Will.. where exactly do you live?" Evie leaned against her truck, just like Will's guitar. Will sighed. "Not really anywhere. I get my money by playing and singing, and that's enough for food, clothing, and hygienal stuff. I get by, ya know. But I don't got much of a home." Evie was filled with a slight panic. "But, Will- you've gotta have some place to call home. C'mon, now. Even if you don't like it there, it's still home."

"Evie, my 'home' is room in an old rotting apartment building. I live with my two best friends who are as poor as dirt, just like me. We all fend for ourselves. And I know you'll ask about my family. I gotta mom, I gotta pop, and I gotta little brother. But they all hate me, because I don't have the same beliefs as them."

Evie's heart was breaking for Will. "What kinda beliefs, Will?" He sighed. "We have different views of life, I'll leave it at that. How 'bout we talk about you, your home, your family?" Evie raised her eyebrows. "Well, I live 'bout a mile down that road there in an old yellow house. I got a ma, a pa, two little sisters, and an older brother. All our family lives together, we all got mostly the same beliefs, but we learn to accept the fact that we're not all the same, and that some of us got different opinions. Oh, and I've got a dog." Willard laughed, and Evie couldn't help but laugh with him.

"Oh, Will, I really gotta get going now. Mama's probably having a heart attack." Evie started to get back into her truck, and while she was doing so, Will asked her,

"Evie, do you think you could stop by here tomorrow, same time and place? But.. could you stay a little longer?" Evie's heart stopped. She turned to look at Will. "Um, yeah, o'course. Do you need a ride?" Will shook his head. "Nah. I'll walk. See ya tomorrow."

Evie watched him walk away, and when he was out of sight, she began the drive home to her mama who was probably about ready to kill her for being so late.

But all she could think about was Willard Steven Hudson.

The End

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