the boy

like many other girls i fall in love, but never end up telling them because i fear rejection the fear of getting a no scares me a bit and i dont like feeling scared. i guess you could say i have 'types'  long hair, blue eyes but unless you have a decent personality you are nothing to me. boys fall for me yeah i admit it but there never the ones i like which i find incredibly unfair. i can never settle for anything other than my standards because i feel like im cheating my self. so i usually the one whose is always single which is okay with me.

i actually despise people that say " i hate being single, it sucks i'd rather be in a relationship"  its frustrates me sooooooooo much i understand being single sometimes can be a bit lonely but why rely on other people to make you happy? i really dont get it.

so yes this explains why ive only ever had one boyfriend, and even that only lasted a day and a half, i didnt feel anything for him. (the next but us going to be a bit cheesy) i guess im holding out for him, the one (for the time ive known him) i have loved the most.cringe i know but yes. im livvy and this i guess explains my view on love,crushes and stuff.

The End

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