The BoyMature

A boy, with no family other than an abusive father, becomes the center of a lengthy fight with the law for his kindergarten teacher to become his legal guardian.


This is a story of how I became a mother.

August 25th of 2007 I married the man of my dreams, Caine Ian Mitchell. We tried for three years to have a baby, to no avail. Unfortunately, we couldn't afford to get any assistance, so we just hoped to save up the money to one day adopt. I became a kindergarten teacher and treated my students like surrogate children. 

My students, and their parents, have always liked me. The love coming to class each day and learning something new. I have lots of hands on activities and colorful, bright walls and furniture. I have always loved children, and have always been good with entertaining and handling them. They love when Caine pops by. The girls love his long hair and the boys love that he'll chase them around playing tag and Hide-and-Go-Seek. And every so often he'll bring in his guitar and do sing-alongs. The little ones play with him on their plastic instruments. It's still difficult to not stare at those soft brown eyes that seem to smile as he watches the kids' excitement and joy.

After we returned from winter break, of my fourth year of teaching, things started off normally. The kids all rushed in and chattered away to each other about what Santa had brought them. Except Caleb Davis. When I saw him, quiet and uneasy, I could tell, even before he looked up at me, I would find bruises.

The End

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