Humility is the Ultimate QualityMature

The demon suddenly overtook Laywick, and he fell to his knees attempting not to struggle against the monster’s power for Boal’s sake and this is what it felt like… A sudden pulse of pain coming up from Laywick’s heart caused the blood that carried the body to which his immortal soul had encompassed to boil. One by one his senses dropped, first his hearing, then his smell quickly followed up by his taste which led to a slow and painful procession of his ability to feel. By the time the creature had encompassed the majority of his body and mind his vision was the last thing to fade. His mind blanked out as if he were falling asleep to horrors just as his sight went black, the last thing he saw was the awakening blink of the boy he had saved.

            Boal awoke in pain and the first thing he noticed was the now shaking body of Laywick standing not too far from his. He jumped to his feet as quickly as he could as he ignored the massive amount of pain his own body felt. He knew what had happened. He was aware that Laywick had sacrificed himself for him. Boal noticed something terribly different about Laywick that had not been seen before. His eyes were solid black, almost as if he had no eyes to begin with, and there was no emotion on his face. The demon now spoke through Laywick’s body in a very dark tone that seemed amplified and ever more terrifying then what it was within Boal’s.

            “Your friend saved you at what cost? Did he not know that I would just kill you shortly after I took his own body?” The monster moved closer to Boal who couldn’t help but wonder why Laywick had sacrificed himself in such a foolish way, until it hit him.

            “I know why he saved me,” Boal said proudly.

This random comment confused the demon for a slight second and forced him into a state of curiosity. He asked intently “Why did he save you then?”

            “He saved me, because I needed time to receive a Savior… and now because he has given that time to me, your goal to destroy my soul has been defeated… And I see all the better what The Savior had done for me because Laywick has done the same. So go on kill me. I, have… so much to live for.”

            The demon knew he had been outwitted but that did not fail to let his pride remain for being the destroyer of Laywick the Rogue Demon Slayer. He slowly approached Boal and grabbed his neck with one devastatingly strong hang and lifted him into the air. Moments later Boal’s lifeless body dropped to the floor. His spirit was free. The creature, then within Laywicks body, broke the door to the box and left the room forever.

The End

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