The OfferMature

“You think you can justify your sins by slaying our kin? Because that is what you have been doing ever since you were cast out of haven with Death and the rest of us!”

            “If you will not let him go then take me…  I will accept your presence willingly you will not have to fight me. My body is yours and my soul is yours but only if you let Boal be free.”

            “You would grant me your physical form and soul with the exception that I release this mortal?”

            “Yes,” he replied simply.

            Laywick was shaking, he was both afraid and confidant that the demon would accept his proposal. The air seemed thicker and the demon in Boal’s body was silent for a significant period of time. Finally the creature spoke out to Laywick and said, “I will accept your proposal”

            Laywick nodded cautiously and then stood back and watched as the demon invisibly released Boal who collapsed onto the wet floor as the creature withdrew from his soul. Laywick’s entire life from the moment of his creation to the current situation he sat in began to flash through his mind. His journey from whence he was cast out to the thousands of years he walked the earth looking to redeem his actions had now brought him to this moment. He looked back with sorrow on the years he sought to find peace in the destruction of evil but realized that all the years he had been doing it wrong.

            “Regardless of the fact that I am an angel I needed to accept the Good over destroying the evil... As does everyone, both man and angel…” He thought to himself silently

The End

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