The AngelMature

Laywick let a smile slip from his sorrow, both he and Boal knew that there was a grand truth in that small statement that could be applied to both of their lives regardless of the fact that they were not even the same kind of creatures.

            “Do you believe in the Creator Boal?” Laywick asked.

            “I did once... but events in my life caused me to leave those beliefs,” Boal replied quietly, “but I think, I can believe in him once again.”

            “I think I can too,” Laywick replied with another smile spearing from his aged face.

            But before Boal could once more fully accept the truth he had once believed, the demon retook his body and began to torture him once more. This time Laywick panicked instead of shrinking into the corner. He shouted in an eager way for the demon to stop the abuse on Boal, but nothing was able to grasp the creature’s attention. Boal screamed and Laywick could hear the conflict between Boal’s free mind and the demon. The two burst in a split personality war like that of Jekyll and Hyde as both struggled to regain dominance. After some struggling, Boal stood still, as he looked up at Laywick and the demon spoke once more out of the mouth of Boal towards Laywick, “You think I would have let this worm accept the truth of my enemy?!”

            “Let him go!” Laywick shouted

            “Fool! You have hunted my kin and my brothers for ages upon ages. Even the abominations of nature you have silenced such of that as The Crooked One and the Rake. I will carry out my master’s will and damn this child of Man to hellfire and then watch you wallow in sorrow because your eternal sins make you a demon. The Creator did not die for you Laywick, he died for man. If you are not holy like the other angels you are one of us! You are a servant of Satan!”

            “We are not the same,” Laywick said cowering at the intensity of the demon’s voice.

The End

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