Thinking Outside the BoxMature

Laywick stood up and rebuked Boal saying, “The only person shaping your life is you! You have full control over your soul, not others. If you want it to burn in hell and blame the family and friends, regardless of their state for the wellbeing of your life, then so be it. But if you truly want to live, I suggest you look deeper and humble yourself…” The sudden outburst from Laywick caused a small shock in Boal’s mind but he quickly retaliated in rage after a few short silent seconds saying sarcastically, “And you speak as if you have had experience!”

            Laywick was silent, because in his mind he knew that he had very little in common with humans. His entire life he went from shadow to shadow keeping out of connection with the everyday people, partly becaused he was jelous of them. The Creator died for man and not his own people. With an attempt to smooth over the entire conflict that had just dispersed with Boal, Laywick said, “I don’t know how you feel exactly, but I can get the picture because, you’re not afraid to display it. We have both gone our own paths and by fate we are here together at this point in time for a reason. There are no coincidences in any universe.”

            Boal leaned in close to Laywick, anger still stricken across his face and said quietly “Why do you even care?”

            Laywick could feel his soul press up against his physical mind as he knew the whole conversation’s purpose was to make him feel better by making Boal feel better, but with a quick thought. He replied with half a lie… “This whole conversation is supposed to help us both think outside the box. That was my intension… to get our mind off of the safehouse we’re in and into the world we came from.”

            Both Laywick and Boal were silent as all emotions of anger were wiped from their face and replaced with sorrow once more as that phrase sank in.

            “Thinking outside the box,” Boal spoke softly, “I guess you could say our life is a box, and this can apply for anyone, both angel and human, that sometimes we all need to just think outside the box and get our minds off of the world and into the place where we belong.”

The End

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