Life of the ManMature

After a few minutes Boal awoke in a similar manner to what had happened early. He jumped up and looked over at Laywick with sorrow in his eyes. Laywick shared no emotion with the boy and gestured his eyes away in guilt.

            “There is truly nothing you can do?” Boal asked angrily

            “There is nothing. The demon will kill you, then kill me,” Laywick replied sternly. Saying this in such an emotionless manner caused both Laywick and Boal to shake in fear.

            “So all we can do is wait?” Boal replied.

            Laywick looked over at the boy and his eyebrows sank as he tripped over words in his mind he could say to relieve the situation

            “It’s not all we can do. We can talk…” There was a short pause as neither spoke, then Laywick continued… “You’re a strong person Boal, I…” He stumbled to find words, “…most other people I’ve encountered would not be able to speak and sit the way you are now…”

            Another pause cut the tension in the room to an awkward situation. Laywick, realizing that he was failing to find something to say, took another stab at attempting to take Boal’s mind off the current situation to appease his conscience and asked, “Tell me about yourself, about your home.” Boal, who was completely stunned by what Laywick had just said, slowly gathered what words he could and began to talk about his home.

            “Well, I grew up in the country. It was a cold place, but beautiful with lots of rich soul, light green grass and the mountains were always a sight to behold. My family was small, I was an only child and by the time I turned thirteen we moved to the city. I had few friends both in the city and in the country…”

            Boal paused realizing details of his life then spoke angrily, “Any life that I once had was barely worth living. My father abused my mother, and the friends I had were no better than he was. The people in my life have shaped my situation and the person I am today, and I blame them for the depression that has encompassed me… My whole life has just been hell on earth, even the details of my normal days were bad…” 

The End

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