The RogueMature

Boal did not look amused, and surprisingly did not doubt what Laywick had just said considering the events that had just taken place with him being possessed and all. Boal simply looked away and gestured with a tiring tone in a very awkward way, “How exciting, you must have had an incredible life.”

            Silence filled the room once more, as Laywick sensed the sarcasm in Boal’s voice and the boy growing more and more insane.

             Boal then asked in a cracked voice, “So why, do you hunt the creatures? You are not commanded too if God had cast you out…” But before Laywick could answer, the demon retook Boal’s body in a violent manner and caused him to begin kicking up water and smashing his head against the door of the box. It was even more intense than the last possession as Boal struggled to fight the demon who clearly had a stronger grip on his mind.

            Laywick backed cautiously into his corner attempting to avoid any conflict. As he observed the torture the demon inflicted upon Boal, his thoughts and soul grew evermore guilty. Suddenly silence filled the room and Boal stood straight and still with his head down. He looked with darkened eyes over towards Laywick and then spoke in a voice that was not his own, “Laywick. Your spree is at end; the creatures of my master that you have damned over these years will enforce the call for dark justice by the hand of Death.”

            Laywick stood completely still, not making a single movement. After a long pause of silence the demon within Boal spoke again, “I can see you pity this stupid man. It will be your death to watch him suffer, and once he is done and gone, I will destroy you…” The demon suddenly withdrew his obvious presence form Boal and the boy fell to the floor once more unconscious.

The End

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