The ManMature

Boal sat silently, a dark depressing state came over him and he scurried closer to Laywick pleading, “You, you were the man that tried to stop the explosion, I saw you in the plaza… Please, can you help me?”

            Laywick shunned Boal cautiously and simply said, “there is nothing I can do.” With the realization that nothing could be done, Boal sunk back down to his knees and remained silent accepting the fact that he may die under the demon’s possession.

            “I have little to live for anyway,” Boal cried softly.

            Pity filled Laywick’s heart and he crouched down to eye level with the boy and looked him in the face. His hair was a wet mess; one could barely tell it was a light desert brown once. His eyes were red and bloodshot while his mediocre frame and arms seemed to sink with his thoughts. His clothes were torn and burnt, three major gashes could be easily observed in his right shoulder, right thigh, and left knee. Scratches and mud covered the rest of his appeal. One could easily say he had such a low disposition that not even an animal would enjoy his current presence.

            Laywick ran through his mind to find anything that could take the boy’s mind off of the fact that a demon lay inside his very soul… “My name is Laywick,” was the best he could come up with.

            Boal shifted his eyes up without moving his head to meet laywick’s and then sent them back down to the floor asking in reply to Laywicks short thought: “You’re not a human are you?”

            Laywick surprised by the question quickly replied: “No”

            “What are you then?” Boal asked urgently as he began to clutch his sides with both his arms crossed tightly.

            Laywick, noticing that Boal was beginning to lose sanity again replied quickly, “I was once an angel serving under the Lord… The Creator, but complications happened and I was cast out, onto this world. I took up a mortal body and used my strength and power to hunt down abominations of the world that many people today believe to be myth, for example Frankenstein, or the modern stalker known to you as Slenderman. I hunt these creatures and erase their existence from your world.”

The End

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