The BoxMature

Laywick, a Rogue Angel from Haven has spent his many years as a pruifer on earth and now comes into contact with a human like never before. Trapped in a safehouse with a demon that he had been hunting for many years now, Laywick faces ultimate fears and decisions that will decide his eternal fate.

The situation was unfortunate. Laywick had gone from the heights of a spree to the lowest state a  creature of his power could go. He felt slightly embarrassed being trapped within the walls of a mere mortal built safe house. There were no windows; the air was thick and smelled of toxins coming from the outside. The floor of the safe house was covered in a very shallow pool of dark murky water; the only source of light was coming from a florescent ceiling bulb that dimmed in and out. The room was large enough for the two, being a thirty square foot space with cold metal walls that just seem to speak the essence of depression into the air. The stranger in the corner vomited and screamed in pain with aggressive physical actions, swinging his fists back and slamming the walls, Laywick stayed far back to the corner and watched disturbed and slightly afraid.

            He was not scared of the boy himself as much as what possessed the stranger, a demon by the name Deathmar who was highly dangerous. Laywick had been hunting this monster for many years now but his current vulnerability to the creature’s power made him increasingly uneasy. After constant slamming and screaming the stranger tired himself out and collapsed from exhaustion with the demons power residing quietly. Laywick breathed deeply as a small thought of relief comforted him with the stranger now unconscious. Pressing his back heavily up against the wet wall he slowly let his weight fall, and as he slid down to a sitting position with his hands on his knees he pictured the events that led up to this entire situation in his head. Laywick wiped the rusty water from his face and sat silently.

            He strayed into deep thought… he’d been on this earth since the early days before the great waters. His long life was filled with more breaking emotion then he cared to think about. He looked with partial sorrow on the boy who had been laying on the floor for some time now but paid him no bother as Laywick’s mind strayed to the thoughts of getting out of the box once the toxins from outside subsided. Minutes passed slowly as the room began to get warmer and warmer. Even though Laywick was an immortal angel he had taken possession of a mortal body when he arrived on the earth. This body had served him his entire life on this planet and had grown to become strong and powerful yet still was not absent from the senses of pain and exhaustion. 

The End

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