The bourgeoisie didn't visit Versailles

Paris, France, January 24th, 1789.
The Estates General meet for the first time since 1614... something is afoot... the bourgeoisie are starving in the streets of Paris... Marie Antoinette living in her world at Versailles, alone and bored to death by a distant Louis. Something will have to change.
Historical Fiction about the lives of the poor in Paris, and the life of one of the most notorious women in history - seen as cold, extravagant and uncaring...

In the cold damp streets of Paris, people lay starving, trying carefully to avoid the open sewers, faces contorted with the hunger pains, and noses wrinkled with the redolence of excrement. 

In the palace of Versailles, Marie sat down on her puff chair and cried quietly. Life had not turned out as she had been led to believe. 

The End

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