The Boots and the Ugly Girl

A girl's life had changed because of a pair boots. And it is a novel of a new fantasy adventure experience that makes you can never stop reading...

Chapter 1: The Return of John and Mary

Inside an old scary cottage which was built in a small town outside London, there lived an old lady wearing a black long dirty dress, big long hat, and buckled boots. Her white long hair was very untidy, her big blue eyes shining like diamonds, her nose was long and crooked, and her thin small mouth had only one tooth inside. It seemed like she was working on something abnormal, but she was a kind witch. She was making a potion which she called the magical life potion. When she dropped her last ingredient into her big black iron pot, the potion was beginning to boil and changing its color from dark blown to pink. Waving her wand with her right hand and saying her spells, she dropped a pair of cool boots which made of two animals’ skin into the pot containing the pink potion with her left hand. After she dropped the boots, she kept saying her spells.     

‘Wowa Tatota Shanto...My magical life potion please gives lives to my boots!’ said the witch and she kept saying the spells.  Suddenly, there was a big surprised grin on the witch’s face when she looked into her boiling potion.

‘Oh my gosh! You guys are back,’ the witch shouted and she kept grinning.      ‘Master, thank you, thank you so much,’ said both boots happily and they jumped out off the pot.

 ‘Anything, John, Marry, I’m so happy to see both of you again,’ said the witch emotionally.

Like it? To be continue...

The End

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