kids and what we do

1-  your leaving a 14 year old alone at home for a couple of hours.  Dont ask if they want a babysitter, it insults their intelligence.

2- a wall has a sign on it.  "wet paint".  always check, the sign may be lying.

3-  never sing out loud if your singing in another language.  I tried it, it freaks people out.

4-  Take part in "talk like a pirate" day.  Everybody smiles as they shy away.

5-  normality is overrated.  You shouldn't bother with it. 

6-  never ask someone younger than you "and how do you spell that?"  it makes you look stupid.

7-  if an eleven year old is doing their homework, dont look over their shoulder to see if you know the answers too.  You'll only prove to yourself that you dont.

The End

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