The Story of a Man: Chapter 1

Chapter 1: The Day The World Was Doomed

I'm sure that by now you know what happened during the Kian War, or at least you may have thought you knew. I told you earlier that Dalk'ian is alive, and that I did not succeed in killing him. But perhaps we should revisit that journey a little more in depth at what happened.

During The Kian War, I was apart of The Halcuu under Halconshu The Defiant and his brother Cuu'islan The Tamed. We had been searching for Dalk'ian for quite some time after what he had done. Word had gotten to us about a hidden stronghold in The Reames, where Dalk'ian was likely to be found. The mere mention of his name made my blood boil, and it was all I needed to go check it out. The rest of The Halcuu agreed with me too of course, and with that we set out to the island to see what we could dig up.

It took us about 3 days, with a few minor encounters, but it didn't faze us. As we got deeper into The Reames, the fire filled my lungs, and darkness took another toll on me. It got to a point where I couldn't tell if I was asleep or awake, and if this were reality or a dream. We were at sea, and the far shore to the north seemed to switch between black sand and blood stained cobblestone. It wasn't until the screaching sounds of those wretched Naiilken on the shoreline that I realized that we had made it to the stronghold. They were Dalk'ian's elite warriors, but we had already killed six of them at The Battle of Ligusne. There were only eleven of them to oppose us, and there were twelve of us. Halkonshu gave the order for each of the other Halcuu to attack. He understood that I had been waiting for this day, and that I was the best candidate to oppose Dalk'ian.

You see, Halkonshu was indeed a powerful warrior, but you see, Dalk'ian was my partner, and no one knew him better. My fellow brothers drew the attention of The Naiilken, and I slipped past them onto the path to a mountain. From the shoreline, the entire land was filled with black trees. Cracks filled with lava surrounded the path, letting me know that there was only one way to get through this forest and, even though it was a straight shot through. Upon reaching the end of the path, stone steps suddenly unveiled itself directly to my right inside a shroud of dark mist.

From here, I could sense Dalk'ian's energy. I knew he was here, and my power started igniting just from the sense. I sped up the steps for what seemed like nearly twenty minutes. The anxiety, anticipation, and anger was already filling my heart. Probably one of the effects of the Kis Crystals. I felt myself changing as I climbed. My breath grew heavier, and my power stronger until finally, I blast off my feet and flew at about 1000ms to the top of the mountain and landed on a large rocky platform on the side. It seemed like a crater straight ahead, with lava pouring into the mountain, and a variety of large purple candles on the walls around it. He had been expecting me to show up, as he seemed to be prepared to greet me long before I got there, which just made me all the more spiteful.

He greeted me with "Hello Kadacu" . I immediately realized quite a few things had changed about him. He wore a jacket-like cloak that covered up to his mouth, and had a shadowy face with purple eyes. I could tell he was in his final form, "The Essence", but it seemed alot stronger and much more darker than it was. I wasted no time in greetings. Both of our powers surged, and I went on the attack. Our techniques clashed time and time again, but I got the upper hand when I suprised him with my Kas'slo Division technique, and got behind him and knocked him across the platform into the mountain. He got up, unfazed. "I'm impressed" he said to me. "You certainly have gotten stronger, but perhaps it's time for me to spice a few things up". I became outraged that he was holding back, and I blasted towards him. Then in a second, a black aura consumed him with purple lightning blasting around him. I was carried back on to the platform, but recovered and flipped on to my feet before I hit the ground. I felt some new tingle inside of me. I looked down to find some of the darkness on me, slowly eating its way from my stomach to the rest of my body.

Then the pain started. The darkness wasn't eating my flesh. It felt like it was eating at my insides. "What is this?" I forced out in pain. He explained that the darkness was actually giving me eternal life. But why would he give me the power to not die, and more importantly, how did he obtain such a godly power. I thought it must have been a joke, and was getting ready to make a smart remark. But just as the words began to slip from my mouth, I felt my wounds healing right on cue. I was astonished. I felt so different now, and the feeling was unexplainable. But my astonishment quickly vanished as I felt my soul slowly being tapped into. I started to realize exactly what was going on. The reason for him giving me an eternal life, was so that he could tap into my soul and use it without me dying.

You see, when a person dies, Pale comes to claim the soul, and if I'm dead, and the soul belongs to him, well, now you have to deal with Death and his armies, which is something no one wants to deal with. Or at least that's what he wanted me to think. As he gradually pulled my soul, another pain and grief overcame me. My life flashed before me, and I reminisced on all I was leaving, and all I had lived for. My energy was fading, and I was going to die helpless here. But then, I saw her face... I saw, her dying face. I remembered her last words, and all the despair I felt. My rage overcame me, and I turned the tides. I broke free from the pull, and I should have killed him right there. But I didn't. Instead, I grabbed his soul. I decided that I wasn't going to kill him. I was going to leave him powerless, and let him watch the world prosper while he hung in chains on the verge of death. I ripped his soul away from him, however, in my madness, I realized that I wasn't a reaper, and I didn't want his disgusting soul. I absorbed some of the power, but I let the rest merge with the natural eneriges of the world. I then sealed his body using a sealing technique, and casted it into the lava pit in the middle of the mountain. I then told everyone, that I had defeated him and that he had somehow given me immortality, however I never told them the real truth. If only I knew that I had actually played right into his hands. If only I had knew that he wanted me to do exactly what I did, then I wouldn't have caused this war.


I'll post the background info for anyone interested in the story.

The End

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