The Story of A Man

The Real Beginning

If you are reading this, then it must mean that they have already found me, and that I am a ways journey from the Nagaherian Islands. It is even more likely that the Ilk'kii have obliterated the last remaining settlement there, and that my mission was a complete failure. If that is indeed the case, then do not pursue me, for I am long gone, and there are much more treacherous conflicts that I must prepare you for, and that you yourself need to prepare for. Before I continue on, it is eminently advised that you lock yourself away somewhere private, else you might start babbling out of my discoveries and spook one of the guards or peasants. They don't need to know about this, not yet. It will only create strife and turmoil among the people.

The Ilk'kii are already close to making their move, and I have much wisdom to share for you to prepare for the upcoming war. And yes, there will be war. It is no longer preventable; conflict is inevitable, and if I do not prepare you, they will come. They will hunt everyone and kill everything, and even The Great Halcuu won't have enough power to stop them. Now, know that I have traveled many places in my life span, and I've shared unusual adventures upon other swords and mystery. This conflict did not start when we think it did. No no, this strife has been planned for centuries by our most spiteful adversary Dalk'ian. Yes, he is indeed alive, and this time, I'm afraid that I have fought with him one too many times. You see, in the last battle, it was said that I killed Dalk'ian, but the rage I felt for what he had done to my beloved was too overpowering for my younger mind. I wanted him to suffer, so I stripped him of his power and left him to rot in the chaos of his own destruction. It wasn't until now that I realized that I had played right into his scheme. I've caused this, and now I am powerless, as I feel my will slipping away to the Kis Crystal now. The only thing I can do now is leave this behind so that you may find it, and decipher the truth yourself, for the next time you see me, you will be against me. I cannot help you on the battlefield in this conflict, I can only hinder you. My enemies make certain that I will not get the chance to escape. But what I can do is offer you my journey. I will make known the true story of this conflict, and what happens from there, well, I cannot decide that. But enough rambling on, I must get into the story now, otherwise I may not have enough time to tell it before the madness comes. I don't have the time to go over every detail of everything, so I have left my journal which describes in more detail the major places, items, and people in the order I have discovered them in. If you come across something in bold and you don't understand it, read on it, for you will need to know every detail before embarking on any journey if you wish to have a chance of staying alive.

The End

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